Send These 11 Photos To Your Partner If You Feel The Passion Fading

If you're anything like me, the first thing you do when there's a special moment is reach for your phone and snap a photo (or 20 million, with very slight adjustments to the angle of your face, because let's be real it makes a big difference). The result is, over time, your phone basically becomes a historical document with archives of special moments captured in images. That also means you have a ton of pictures to send your partner if the passion fades to choose from, if or when your relationship hits a natural lull.

It may be clichéd to say that relationships take work, but that doesn't make it any less true. There are natural ups and downs for any couple, but the key is to just recognize when things slow down instead of panicking and doing something rash to "fix" it. One of the easiest ways to do that is to just remind your partner (and yourself) how things felt early on when the passion came easy, plus all the ways that you're making each other's lives happier and more fulfilling. But it’s not all nostalgia. You can also take some new pictures that remind them exactly why you're their bae. Here's some ideas to get you started, and it's as easy as scrolling all the way up.

A Photo Of The First Place You Met

If you want to recall a time when the passion was popping, then take it all the way back to the beginning with photos of the place you first met. If you have one of the two of you there, amazing. If you don’t, no worries — just a selfie of you or the place itself should be enough to get those happy memories flowing.

A Sexy Photo Of You At Work "Just Thinking” About Them

Who doesn't love knowing that the person you love can't get you out of their head? A seemingly spontaneous picture of you looking sexy and "thinking" of them is a very effective way of kickstarting the old libido. Just be ready to follow through when you get home.

That Cute Selfie Of The Two Of You On Vacation

The daily pressure of life in general can be a real passion killer, but vacation? That’s a whole other story. You may not be able to pack a bag and catch a plane tonight, but you can help inspire that mind set with a photo that triggers memories of fun days and oh-so-sexy nights.

A Photo Suggesting A New Romantic Vacation

It also doesn't hurt to have something to look forward to. Maybe send them a pic of a place you'd like to go together or a screenshot of some killer airfare deal. Something that will help their mind wander to your next adventure together.

A Sweet Selfie Of You Snuggling With Your Shared Pet

The quickest way to my heart is with aww-worthy photos of my cats. Who doesn't love cute selfies of the human you love with the critter you love too? It just gives me the warm, family fuzzies.

A Throwback Photo Of A Special Memory

Nostalgia is powerful. Use it to your benefit with a picture of a special moment the two of you shared. Maybe it’s from the day you both said "I love you," or when you had your first kiss. Anything that will remind you about those early butterfly-filled days will help to fire things back up.

A Shot Of You Looking Amazing From A Time You Know They Were Feeling You

Remember that night you put on that special dress, or the pants that made your booty look right? Well, make sure your boo does too by sending them a picture from a night you know they thought you looked especially hot.

A Pic Of The Two Of You Doing Something You Love To Do Together

My partner and I love to play board games. Before we met, I hadn't played them in years, so it’s one of the ways that our relationship has made my life more fun, and it’s something special that we do together. Think of an activity that you love to share with your partner and send them a little reminder — especially if it’s something you haven't been able to do in a while and you'd like to make some time for.

A Thoughtful Image Of You Doing Something They'll Appreciate

Like the pic of you doing something you love together, you doing something for them that either they didn't want to do, or that's just a sweet gesture for them is a great way to show how much you care about them!

A Cheeky Selfie Of You At The Lingerie Store

One very effective way to put the spark back into the relationship is with some sexy teasing. Send them a cute selfie of you outside a lingerie store, going in to buy something extra special for tonight. Their imagination is going to be racing.

A Sexy AF Photo Of You Teasing What You Bought At The Lingerie Store

Last but not least, send them one more pic of you back home with your special purchase. But just a tease! Don't give them a full show, that’s for IRL later tonight.

Come on, with all this photographic proof of how awesome your relationship is, how could your partner not be feeling the passion? You came with the receipts, girl!

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