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Your Ideal Valentine's Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Valentine's Day has been painted as a holiday filled with oversized bears, roses, chocolates, and sweets — but really, it's much more than that. It's a day of romance, and whether that's delivered by you or someone else, love and giving are the underlying themes. Your ideal Valentine's Day date, based on your zodiac sign, reflects the small or grand gestures you consider to be worthwhile.

The idea of this date actually happening gives you a tremendous amount of butterflies. In your mind, it's like you're living out your very own fairy tale with your special someone. That's usually the aftermath of a perfect date, no matter what day it is on. It's scenic every time you replay it in your mind.

Since I'm talking about the highly anticipated Valentine's Day, in particular, it's safe to say that people have some expectations — and there's nothing wrong with that. On a day so infused with romance, some people just want to feel like they're receiving a special slice of it that was amazingly tailored to all of their desires. Although, what's adorable to one person could be absolutely terrifying to another. Keeping in mind the qualities and traits associated with your zodiac sign, you'll find that any of these dates will send you flying past the moon and among the constellations.

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Aries: A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Your eagerness to trek on new adventures doesn't pause because the forecast predicts love in the air, Aries. This may likely be a first for you, and seeing the world on such a romantic day at new heights would be so exciting. Sharing a bottle of champagne with bae wouldn't hurt either.

Taurus: A Secluded Patio Dinner Prepared By Your Date

Taurus, you can't go wrong with a comfortable taste of the outdoors and an even more delicious meal. Surrounded by hanging vines, dim lighting, and fresh flowers would be even more ideal. This setting is beyond romantic for such a special occasion.

Gemini: A Weekend Getaway To A Town You've Never Been Before

You and your date may start an adventure to a new town, Gemini, but you'll certainly venture off and talk to any and everyone. It's the best way to learn the ins and outs of any new place. A weekend won't even seem like enough time to explore all that this captivating place has to offer.

Cancer: A Dinner Cruise

The fresh scent of the sea is an ideal setting for you, Cancer. A dinner cruise gives you just enough luxury to make you feel like it's an incredibly special occasion. Having the ocean as a backdrop never fails in your eyes.

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Leo: A Murder Mystery Dinner

Can you crack the case, Leo? You'll appreciate the theatrics involved in a murder mystery dinner. Show your detective chops and impress the hell out of your date when your tireless nights of watching and playing Clue finally pay off.

Virgo: A Double Date Where You Can Bring Your Fur Baby

If the two of you can link up and bring your fur babies along as well, you'd be in Valentine's Day heaven, Virgo. How can you fully enjoy the day dedicated to heart-shaped everything with a piece of yours sitting at home? It'll be the best double date ever.

Libra: A Picnic At Your Favorite Park

A picnic in the park sounds simple, but it'll bring you so much harmony, Libra. The park has always given you a relaxing satisfaction you simply cannot get enough of. You'll be super energized and in your element for your date.

Scorpio: A Spoken Word Poetry Event

You aren't overlooking the idea of passion that's involved with Valentine's Day, Scorpio. Listening and hearing people poetically voice their passions at a spoken word event would be oh-so-fulfilling. You'd enjoy their variation of love for their craft.

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Sagittarius: A Museum Hack Tour

Philosophy is always the best policy, isn't it, Sagittarius? A museum hack tour will give you the inside scoop of those museums you love with quirky entertaining twists. There's more than one way to explore the museum, and you're on your way to a creative and fun one.

Capricorn: The Classic Dinner And A Movie

Keeping it to the ideal dinner-and-a-movie scenario doesn't deter you from having a good time, Capricorn. It might sound basic, but it leaves room for you to innovate it on your own terms. Where'd anyone be without the traditional dating ideas, anyway?

Aquarius: A Showcase For Art

Aquarius, you'll love to hear the way artists explain their inspiration and meaning behind their muse. It's an intellectual conversation you wouldn't dare shy away from. You can't help but try to understand the deeper meaning of each piece.

Pisces: A Drive-In Movie

Grab your blanket and comfy sweaters, and head over to the drive-in, Pisces. Drive-ins are that awesome piece of the past you wish were more popular today. This will certainly be a memorable date.

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