8 Valentine’s Day 2019 Memes To Send Your Significant Other, Because Laughter's The Best Gift

Valentine's Day can be hit or miss, for even the most loving couples. Yes, you love your partner (and vice versa). But maybe the candy-colored, lace-frilled outpourings of love that make up V-Day just turn the two of you off. If your partner isn't about it, skip the Shakespeare-level declarations of love. You'd best save some Valentine’s Day 2019 memes to send your significant other instead. I mean, it's not out of the ordinary to dread Valentine's Day (even if you're coupled up). The onslaught of chocolate, presents, and bulletholes in your bank account can seem like an abrupt and arbitrary change from your usual relationship dynamic.

It could also just be a matter of personality type. Chances are if you're a Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, or Capricorn — and not a Pisces, Libra, or Sagittarius — you'd rather just treat Valentine's Day like any other day. (Earth signs are realistic and Valentine's Day is high-key the opposite of that!) But that doesn't mean that you and your partner don't love each other the other 364 days a year. It just means you'll probably stick to practical Valentine's Day gifts and the little things that count. If sappy Valentine's Day cards aren't up your or your partner's alley, here are eight heartfelt, foolish, and spicy tweets to send instead.

Because Kevin from 'The Office' got it right
sosasosexy_8 on Twitter

Although Kevin clarified that he wanted to be "metaphorically 69ed," this pretty much sums up a good night in general. Bonus points if your partner truly loves The Office.

Because hints can be effective
laurxnreed on Twitter

The message here is actually straightforward: Scrap everything else about Valentine's Day and please gift me a life-sized teddy bear.

But remember that everyone is different
pleatedjeans on Twitter

Or, tell your partner to forget everything they know about Valentine's Day and get you a throne of frenemy's bones, Thanos-style.

And yet, everyone loves food
bustle on Instagram

They say that the quickest way to someone's heart is through their stomach. Remind your partner that food is never a bad option, as far as Valentine's Day gifts go.

Because you've got to go hard or go home
boujeesiut on Twitter

Of course, if your partner loves food as much as you do, best believe that dinner will be the only redeeming quality of Valentine's Day. If you're going out on Feb. 14, definitely slide them this tweet (and a link to the restaurant's menu) instead of a sappy V-Day card.

But first, you have to decide on a restaurant
bustle on Instagram

Of course, you can only slide them the menu link if you've picked a restaurant. Picking somewhere to go for date night, Valentine's Day or not, can be tough — for the person who can never decide where they want to go and the person who has to date them. No matter which one you are, this meme will be too real for your partner.

Because you'll both try, but it's still not your "thing"
billdixonish on Twitter

Honestly, this tweet saves you the trouble of having to go find a card, sign it in the parking lot, and stuff it into bae's V-Day haul 40 minutes before you meet up on Feb. 14. You're welcome!

But you love each other nonetheless
bustle on Instagram

At the end of the day, Valentine's is supposed to be about loving on your partner and appreciating them. And sometimes appreciating them isn't a sappy card, but continuing to be carefree and goofy with them (hopefully for a long time!).

Your Valentine's Day — and relationship — doesn't have to be as saccharine-sweet as everybody else's. Traditional Valentine's Days can be way overrated, anyway! All that matters is that the two of you enjoy yourselves and celebrate Feb. 14 in a way that's best for your relationship.