9 Funny Memes To Send Your Friend With Benefits, So They Can LOL Until Your Next Hookup

by Korey Lane

Having a friend with benefits can be pretty freaking great. I mean, is there anything better than a friend who can also make you orgasm? You don't have to celebrate anniversaries, schedule fancy dates, or meet each other's families (although those are all fun things to do with a serious partner). You just get to hang out, have sex, and laugh. These funny memes to send your friend with benefits will definitely keep the flame burning until your next hookup, and have you both cracking up in and out of the bedroom.

TBH, the best part of having a friend with benefits is that they're your friend, at the end of the day. So, you can laugh together, eat together, and just have a good time while still indulging in some nookie. It can be a perfect arrangement for some people, and if it works for you, then keeping in touch with your FWB when they're not in your bed isn't a bad idea. Sending them funny memes shouldn't be a practice solely reserved for serious couples. It's not that deep. (They're memes, after all.) So don't be afraid to send your FWB one of these to keep them laughing and thinking of you (and your next steamy encounter).

Why is this so true?

Seriously, if they offered to get food you'd probably be a lot more down for a booty call, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Oh hey!
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Obviously, this meme should be sent with discretion, but if your friend with benefits is someone who you can joke around with, then this might be the meme for you! Bonus: If you want to let your FWB know that you like them like them, this could be a great little hint to get the ball rolling.

LOL, sorry!
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We've all been there, and your FWB will definitely understand the humor of this meme. After all, just because you're not "official" doesn't mean you don't argue, and this is a hilarious meme to send after a blowout.

It's really not that hard.
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Just because you're only FWBs doesn't mean they can't text you every now and then. It's not like it's that hard. (Insert eye roll here.)

Which brings us here...
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The best thing about a FWB relationship? It's not boring, complicated, or frustrating. Your FWB will definitely appreciate you even more after seeing this meme.

Hey ;)
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You can't help it that you're bad at flirting! But at least with a FWB, you don't have to put in too much effort to get their attention. You're just friends!

Sometimes a cheesy pickup line meme is necessary.
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Listen, if it's been a while since you and your friend with benefits have gotten together, then you might be a little horny. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with sending a cute meme to remind them how much fun y'all have together.

You get yours, girlfriend.

So, when are you coming over?
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It's important for your FWB to know what sends shivers down your spine, so dropping them a funny hint like this is perfect. It's low-key, but also gets the point across.

And finally, because sending "hey" everyday can get old...
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Having a FWB is awesome most of the time, but no one likes to start a conversation with "hey." This meme is the one if you want to start a conversation that'll make them LOL.

If you've got a great FWB relationship going, then good for you! Send them some of these memes to brighten their day, and then go have amazing sex, girl. You deserve it.