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14 Best Sex-Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow For A Spicier Feed

For a platform that can be so full of mundane moments, Instagram is ripe with art that makes you shift in your seat as you're scrolling. As a whole, Instagram is a great because you get to soak up art you normally wouldn't have access to because it's too niche or taboo or from another country. And this happens to be the case with all the best sex-positive Instagram art accounts. The creatives behind them never run out of intriguing ways to depict sexual desire — between people of different and the same genders, in interracial relationships, of all body shapes and sizes, and with their own distinct touch. They're actively dissolving mainstream depictions of sex as an activity that is heteronormative, straightforward, or purely functional.

From not-so-chaste neck kisses to moments of quiet reflection during sexting to full-blown hooking up, the art displayed on these accounts offer both sexual fantasy and reality. Add some sparkles, some bugs, and the soft embrace of lingerie, lovers, and lust. So, if you're looking for a little bit of well-crafted sin-spiration to add to your feed, look no further. Here are 14 accounts that will truly put you in the mood.

1. @regards_coupables

regards_coupables on Instagram

With a handle that's French for "guilty looks," @regards_coupables is a Paris-based Insta account that thrives on leaving things to the viewer's imagination. The account comprises line drawings of couples hooking up with little details — nipples and other places meant to be kissed — erased. With quippy merch like T-shirts that read "More Sex, Less Problems," @regards_coupables brings much-needed attention to the guilty pleasures we hold in our hearts.

2. @alphachanneling

alphachanneling on Instagram

@alphachanneling's illustrations are a topsy-turvy, almost psychedelic delight. When asked about inspiration, @alphachanneling tells Elite Daily, "I am inspired by both high and low culture — from mysticism and the occult, to folk art, outsider art, and indigenous art; from pornography, kink, and BDSM to yoga, tantra, and the healing arts. Ecstatic poetry has shown me that art can simply be praise and an expression of joy and love."

If you want a conversation starter for your coffee table, @alphachanneling offers an anthology of pieces in their art book, Book of the Utopian Erotic. There's also Alphacoloring Vol. 1, an @alphachanneling adult coloring book, which puts a real emphasis on "adult."

3. @fromjordyn

fromjordyn on Instagram

Jordyn McGeachin's art flourishes at the intersection of sex, body positivity, and love in the digital age. @fromjordyn's characters are curvy and have tummy pouches, and they lounge nude while scrolling through social media on their phones. They nestle next to laptops and iPads. Prints on the walls read "Kiss the ripples engraved up my belly" and "Your soft hands run over my scarred, stretched skin." The Melbourne, Australia-based artist's characters tend to be surrounded by pots with kinky slogans, wilting bouquets, and strawberry cake.

Apart from showcasing diverse body types, @fromjordyn puts us in a quiet, dreamlike space that's hard to make sense of. The romantic motifs and pensive characters beg the question: Do these scenes take place in the post-sex afterglow or are they the aftermath of a FWB situation where one person has caught feelings?

4. @cecile_hoodie

cecile_hoodie on Instagram

@cecile_hoodie's art is a mix of sumptuous textures, glitter, plastic, and thought-provoking slogans. The account's fairy-like palette and grunge aesthetic is reminiscent of '90s kinderwhore era, lead by artists like Courtney Love of Hole. Paris-based artist Cécile Hoodie tackles everything from racism to social media censorship to consent.

For Hoodie, pressures of the patriarchy — both men's entitlement when it comes to sex and women being slut-shamed — are driving factors in her work. "I think that loving sex is normal and healthy, and I love it. But loving sex doesn’t mean with everyone and under any circumstances. And some men tend to forget about it," Hoodie tells Elite Daily.

While Hoodie takes on tough topics, she does so with attitude, humor, and an inviting pink glow. Her biggest goal with her account is to help viewers reflect on social and sexual norms.

"It doesn't matter if it’s nostalgia, joy, sadness," Hoodie says. "I think the main thing is not what you feel, but to feel it."

5. @carlyjeanandrews

carlyjeanandrews on Instagram

@carlyjeanandrews is a well-curated '70s lookbook. Here, hair ribbons, high-cut underwear, and pubic hair reign supreme. Berets, turtlenecks, and thick-rimmed glasses are in. There's also an element of feminist fantasy in this vintage dreamland. Even with daisies and peace signs and butterflies imprinted on some characters' skin, @carlyjeanandrews showcases people of different ethnicities and body types.

Andrews also has a way with texture. Woven throughout @carlyjeanandrews are centerfold-style figures with really beautiful, fuzzy hair and marabou socks and puffball earrings that you just want to touch.

6. @bobbypinss

bobbypinss on Instagram

In her IG bio, Bobby Larson describes herself as "high femme Colombiana Barbie and real-life queer Veronica Lodge." On @bobbypinss, you'll find voluptuous feminine forms serving looks in garters, balcony bras, and stilettos. You'll also find delicately weeping characters in cowboy hats, femme werewolves at the grocery store (for Halloween), and pin-ups in candy cane thigh-highs (for Christmas). The play on words that is @bobbypinss is perfect for an artist like Larson that adheres so well to the '60s aesthetic.

7. @nudegrafia_mirror

nudegrafia_mirror on Instagram

The world of @nudegrafia_mirror is sexy and shrouded in shadow, like a noir film. Except, artist Tai Melo's bold accents are what reel you in — whether that's electric-hued panties or sea-green hair tucked behind a blindfold or rose-colored candle wax dripping down a lover's back. Because of how Melo's images are framed, scrolling through @nudegrafia_mirror feels almost voyeuristic. If you want a cute, sex-positive pop of color for your apartment, there's a Nudegrafia store on Society 6. A mid-orgasm face mug or prints of mysterious figures having sex might be just what you need for the kitchen.

8. @bonercandy69

bonercandy69 on Instagram

The work of artist Nikki Peck, aka @bonercandy69, is ripe with texture. In between the makeouts and hookups, we get detailed knuckles, creased dresses, wooden floorboards, body hair and bugs, tentacles, and prickly 5 o'clock shadow. But it's not just the texture that catches your eye: it's the fact that women are subjects, not objects in Peck's work.

When asked about inspiration for the drawings, Peck cites pornographic images that are used a springboard to "illustrate a liberated vision of female, queer, and non-binary sexuality." Peck also uses friends, female-produced porn, sexts, and solicited and unsolicited DMs to @bonercandy69 as reference material.

"Through my pen and ink drawings, I explore sexuality as it relates to identity, curiosity, strength, and liberation," Peck tells Elite Daily. "The audience I have gained through Instagram has encouraged me to collaborate with other female artists, feminists, and friends that are interested in promoting community, and positive experiences around sexuality." Peck topples the male gaze with art that is bold, sexy and empowering.

9. @misselenareyes

misselenareyes on Instagram

Elena Reyes' art is a fabulous balance of glamour and bite. Not only is South Florida-based @misselenareyes a sex-positive account, but it's a feel-good one, too. A baddie reflects in their compact mirror, lamenting that not even setting spray can't keep them together. Likewise, a septum-ringed, space-bunned brown babe picks up the phone because they had to "call" B.S. And the portrait of Kali Uchis gets her glinting cheekbones, dreamy style, and fierceness just right.

In Reyes' online shop, you can get in on this sugary sweet but still take-no-sh*t goodness with dreamy prints, stickers and zines. 10/10 would recommend for anyone who's committed to calling out the patriarchy and keeping it cute while doing so.

10. @victongai

victongai on Instagram

If you're looking for larger-than-life images of flourishing landscapes, mythical creatures, and feminine beings doing their thing, then @victongai is the account for you. Victo Ngai is a Los Angeles-based artist who can regularly be found illustrating horror stories with beaked swamp creatures and embellishing wine labels with star-kissed deities. Ngai also recently created some soft and sexy images for a limited edition reprint of The Kama Sutra.

Ngai also has a shop where you can purchase prints of her work. Some that are particularly lovely? A fisherman floating through waves whose curves are intertwined with nipples and the legendary Wing Chun Yim, a martial arts icon who defeated a war lord that wanted to force her into marriage. @victongai is an Insta account for all the sensual, mystical, bad*sses out there.

11. @flupieland

flupieland on Instagram

@flupieland is the place to be if makeouts — on the couch, in the bathtub, or when you're supposed to be studying — are your thing. It's also a watercolor- and tempera-painted feast of femme-identifying people confident in their physical forms.

"A naked body is something that (almost) everybody likes to look at. Nudity is natural and beautiful, but its beauty sometimes get lost in porn, and even in photography. But in art it is different," @flupieland tells Elite Daily. "People need something else besides porn to look at and feel sexy. And I find that looking at erotic art can be both beautiful and sexually stimulating at the same time."

Butts are a recurring motif for @flupieland. They can be clad in fishnets and cuddled by a rose, on a crouched street DJ, spanked by a partner, or resting peacefully next to their partner's. And while some posts do depict exchanges between lovers, most of @flupieland's work features women going solo, which was intentional.

"Of course, having a partner is great, but alone time is great, too. Get to know your body, embrace it. Experiment and learn what feels good, and what doesn't," @flupieland says. "Learn how to get the job done, because nobody will ever know your body better than you do."

12. @estine.coquerelle

estine.coquerelle on Instagram

"Languid" and "smoky" are the words that come to mind when checking out @estine.coquerelle. Sometimes, it's a playful fluidity as artist Estine Coquerelle's figures creep and tumble and leap across posts. Sometimes, it's a lazy stillness as lovers nuzzle heads, cuddle naked, or tease each other sexually.

Recently, Coquerelle took that cool, sensual energy to a set of lovely, blue-tinged illustrations for Tinder France. In her smudgy, beautiful style, Coquerelle gives us a moment of clarity while swiping.

13. @melodieperrault

melodieperrault on Instagram

Melodie Perrault makes drawings for the quintessential "bad girl" — no matter how they might identify. The Montreal, Canada-based (tattoo) artist feeds followers a diet of tongue-in-cheek text, absolute sass, and thoroughly freed nipples. Some illustrations have a gentle wit, like the person grinning at their phone above the caption "You're my favorite notification." Others are less delicate, like the "Rest in P*ssy" gravestone and the "Buffet" sign pointing between a figure's legs.

There's an interesting duality in Perrault's drawings because of the devil horns motif. The horns should signal "evil," but in Perrault's work, it comes off as simply being more "naughty" than "nice." The characters are so carefree and pleased with their words and decisions that the horns seem arbitrary — almost like slut-shaming or any sort of social stigma, really. @melodieperrault is chicken soup for the thot soul.

14. @eromaticax

eromaticax on Instagram

Carlos Cabada's art is dazzling, passionate and puts the "star" in "star-crossed lover." Every kiss and caress is romantic, yes, but Cabada took great care in ensuring that the images on @eromaticax are empowering. It first started as a means of self-empowerment.

"I found it pleasant for myself to diminish my love anxiety through these drawings, it was/is a therapy, I was going through a hard era of my love life and self-confidence, so Eromatica helped me a lot with that," Cabada tells Elite Daily. Once he gained an audience, Cabada took feedback from his followers and started adjusting the art to reflect others' fantasies.

In addition to empowerment, the two other principles Cabada keeps in mind in his art are diversity and the deconstruction of stereotypes — people of all genders have sexual desires and emotions and dreams.

A hallmark of @eromaticax is that within a single post, there are several versions of the person or people being depicted. The fearless astronaut, the couple cuddling post-coital, and the lovers resting in the ocean are published in several complexions.

"One of the first things I learned with Eromatica is that when someone feels represented on the illustration, they feel more connected to it, therefor they enjoy it more. Art is a subjective thing, and is only art when the viewer feels something or gets connected to it," Cabada says. "My goal to is to make the viewer feel like he/she is being in the story to make it a more personal thing, and this is very important for erotic art. You want the viewer to feel something for it."

It's why Cabada launched the Colormatica app, so that anyone could create a version of themselves and bae based on @eromaticax art.

Whether you're feeling exquisitely romantic, simply horny, or a mixture of the two, there are no shortage of beautiful, sex-positive Instagram accounts you can peruse that match your mood and lived experiences.