Apple's New Invisible Ink Lets You Send Bae Secret Love Notes — Or Dirty Ones


Along with the release of the iPhone 7, IOS 10 is coming out tomorrow, and it has a heavy focus on improving iMessage. Apple has planned a slew of new features available with the update, as have third-party developers.


Unfortunately, IOS 10 is designed to work only with the newer Apple products, so older models, such as the iPhone 5, won't be able to support it. The iPhone 7, which comes out Friday, will have it preloaded.

Included in the revamp are features like stickers, animations and, as the Daily Mail puts it, a predictive emoji keyboard (basically, the phone scans the words you're using and pops up an emoji suggestion for you that might be applicable).


Now, of course, I will probably never download any of those, because I'm a purist, but there is one feature I'm interested in.

IOS 10 is going to let you send handwritten messages with a feature called Invisible Ink. These messages will animate when they reach their recipient as you wrote them. Cool? Yeah, sort of, if I'm in a commercial where a stay-at-home dad who is not balding gets his precocious daughter to draw a stegosaurus for her mom who is taking a short break from being an excellent gastroenterologist to check her iPhone 7.

The cool part of Invisible Ink comes with the secondary feature, wherein you can decide to make these messages invisible or not.

The person will receive a blank text, and the message will only appear if they swipe across the text. Meaning that you can sext someone, or plot a crime, without being afraid that the person next to them will see what you're saying. They can choose to view the message at their own discretion.

Listen to me, America, I will be drawing many, many cartoon penises. Many of them. So many. A lot. Cartoon penises. For days. Many. Penises.

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