The Best Spots In The U.S. For Cider Donut Pics That Are Sweet Like Cinnamon

Can you smell the hints of fall in the air? I'm already way too excited for hitting up pumpkin patches and eating mashed potatoes in oversized sweaters. Like me, you're just as obsessed with autumn, and want to go on fall hikes and then scream your true feelings from the top of the mountain. You're scoping out the local corn mazes, and prepping your posts for the 'Gram. At some point, all of these seasonal adventures will end up on your social media. Well, let me tell you: The best spots for apple cider donut pictures are sweet like cinnamon. Sharing is optional, taking a selfie with your treat is not.

Seriously, gather up your girls as soon as possible and hit the road. Spending a little time in the car with the windows rolled down is well-worth the donuts waiting for you on the other side. When you get to the orchard or cute farm stand, your first mission will be to snag something good to eat. Looking at the menu might not be a bad idea. But, this is the time of the year for everything apple. (The decision seems fairly simple to me.)

After standing in line and taking your box of donuts from the counter, it's time for a photo shoot. Pretend you're going in for the first bite, or hold up your treat to the sky. Promise me that you'll check out one of these five spots that are just so sweet, OK?

Lyman Orchards In Middlefield, CT
dads2001 on Twitter

When it comes to corn mazes and cider donuts, nobody does it better than Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT. At least in my personal opinion, this spot is super ideal for all of your Fallsgiving activities. You can spend an entire afternoon picking pumpkins, and fill a bucket with apples of every kind. (More often than not, you end up going home with more than you can eat and baking lots of apple pies.)

There's an entire market full of fresh produce and seasonal snacks. So, be sure to bring your appetite, or maybe don't go grocery shopping that week. Grab a seat at one of the picnic tables that overlooks the fields, and then snap away.

Jones Farm In Cornwall, NY
farbav on Twitter

Fall is probably one of the coziest seasons of the year, and not just because of the flannels and sweaters. You can snuggle up with your friends and watch your favorite Halloween movies, or take a weekend trip with your family to a cute cabin that's on Airbnb. Maybe you'll choose to grab a cup of tea, and hang at the farm. Can I make some suggestions here?

Jones Farm in Cornwall, NY is a sweet addition to your fall bucket list. With hay rides and all kinds of freshly-baked goods, it's the one spot that'll always feel like home sweet home. Grab a donut and maybe a muffin, and then enjoy the scenery. The Hudson Valley can be beautiful this time of the year, and you may want to scope out some local hiking trails, too!

Cold Hollow Cider Mill In Waterbury Center, VT
merylwinslow on Twitter

Leave it to New England to exceed your expectations for fall. This area of the country just thrives the second the leaves start to change color, and you can't get enough of it. All of a sudden, sunflower fields are turning into pumpkin patches. There are farm stands popping up on every corner, and local fairs begin to set up their Ferris wheels. Where do you even begin?

Well, word on the street is that Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center, VT, should be your first stop. You can pick up some apple cider donuts and maple syrup before heading to the mountains. Don't sleep on this one, especially if you've got a thing for sweets (and potentially #fire posts on social media, too).

Blue Star Donuts In Portland, OR
amyamok on Twitter

This donut shop won't be surrounded by corn mazes or apple orchards, but I'm willing pinky promise you on this: All it takes is one bite, and you won't be disappointed. The Pacific Northwest is one of my favorite areas of the country, because it really is a haven for foodies. They take time curating their recipes and sourcing organic ingredients.

Blue Star Donuts in Portland, OR is an underrated place to go for something sweet. Grab an entire box of their unique flavors, and then hit the road. The waterfalls and trails amongst the evergreens are a perfect and adventurous place to pose for a pic — with your donut, of course. Not sure which to try? I'd highly recommend the raspberry rosemary buttermilk.

The Milk Pail In Water Mill, NY
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Last but not least is The Milk Pail in Water Mill, NY. With pumpkins, fresh flowers, and a market full of fresh produce, you really can't ask for anything more. I mean, just think of the potential for pictures in a place that's truly celebrating the season of fall. (*Cue the happy tears and then adrenaline rush to find the perfect caption.*)

Right now, you might choose to head to the Hamptons when it's warm and you could lay your beach towel by the shore. But, that's going to change the second you take a bite of a donut or another baked good. It's a spot as sweet as cinnamon — for you and your social media.