The Myers-Briggs personality types most likely to break up and get back together share several quali...
4 Personality Types Most Likely To Break Up & Get Back Together


If at first you don't succeed, try, try again? While some people prefer to make a clean break after cutting ties with a romantic partner, others have a tendency to revisit their former flames. Interestingly, certain Myers-Briggs personality types are most likely to break up and get back together. Although these lovers share the same relationship habit, they couldn't be more different otherwise.

Some of these types show a preference for Introversion, while others lean toward Extroversion. Some of them rely on Thinking, while others make choices based on Feeling. That said, they do tend to have a few qualities in common. For example, those who have difficulty letting go of the past are obviously more prone to getting back with an ex. People who prioritize familiarity and comfort over risk and adventure are also more likely to return to an old flame.

Whether you choose to give a relationship another go often comes down to the unique and specific circumstances surrounding the breakup. But still, it seems that some people are just more innately willing and eager to make past romances work. Chalk it up to their determination, their idealism, or their sentimental nature — either way, these Myers-Briggs types are almost always willing to try again.


The Executive is nothing if not hard-working and dedicated, and they put just as much effort into their relationships as they do into every other area of their life. So, it should come as no surprise that the ESTJ is often willing to give their ex another go. They want to solve the problems that perpetually plague the relationship.

With a preference for Sensing and Judging, this personality type is considered a Sentinel — and Sentinels are the least likely to throw their hands up and quit a difficult task. And since they never shy away from a challenge, no matter what is preventing their relationship from working, they’re probably willing to figure it out and take actionable steps toward improvement. To the ESTJ, a relationship is almost always salvageable, as long as their partner is equally down to roll up their sleeves and do their part to make a positive change. They simply need to know that they’ve exhausted every possibility before they admit defeat in any scenario, including in their love life.

Additionally, the ESTJ is loyal by nature and takes their commitments super seriously, so once they’ve given their heart to someone, they may be more likely to try and work it out with that person than to find a new love.


There are a couple of key things you should know about The Defender: They’re hopeless romantics, and when they fall, they fall hard. So, it makes sense why they might be more willing to give a relationship a second (or third) chance, rather than just cut their losses and move on.

This personality type, which also happens to be a Sentinel, also often struggles with feeling stuck in the past. They’re also innately idealistic and nostalgic, which means they have a tendency to remember all the positive things about their past relationship before recalling why it didn’t work. This optimism, combined with their struggle to let go, may inspire them to try again with an ex.

When it comes down to it, the patient, loyal, and empathetic ISFJ always strives to see the good in people, and give them the benefit of the doubt — and that’s true where their ex is concerned.


Both enthusiastic and hands-on, ESTPs are “doers” through and through. This personality type is an energetic troubleshooter to the core, so rather than simply accepting a breakup and moving forward, they’ll likely roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to overcome the challenges at hand.

Unlike the ISFJ, however, the ESTP is not idealistic. And thanks to their hyper-realistic mindset, they’ll only attempt to salvage a relationship if they’ve determined that it makes sense to give it another try. That said, the ESTP is also prone to spontaneity and taking risks, and sometimes they can fail to think about the long-term consequences of their actions. Fortunately, since The Entrepreneur is both practical and perceptive, when they do take the time to look before they leap, they typically bear valuable insight into what changes need to be made for the relationship to succeed.


Without a doubt, this personality type is far more focused on feelings than facts. So no matter why their relationship failed the first time, if they’re still in love with their ex and the opportunity to reconcile presents itself, they may let their emotions drive the decision rather than approaching it with rationale. Plus, their unfailing optimism often leads them to hold onto hope that a relationship is capable of being repaired.

INFPs are incredibly idealistic, and resilient, and they always fight for what they believe in. That means they may be capable of pushing past the heartache of a breakup and looking beyond their partner’s mistakes. TBH, their nickname — “The Mediator” — says it all. Kind-hearted, compassionate, and diplomatic, if anyone can make their ex feel emotionally safe enough to reignite the relationship, it’s the INFP.