5 Hidden Secrets Of Life You Only Learn Once You Let Go Of The Past

When you think of the future, what do you imagine? For me, I think about the Jonas Brothers' song, "Year 3000." I picture the entire human race living underwater, and my kids going to school on submarines or silver hover-boards. The skyscrapers in New York City look a little taller, and there are reports of new galaxies and planets on the news. But, if we're looking not so far out, then I imagine my significant other and I living together and my career taking off. I imagine that I know all of the many hidden secrets of life, including the ones you only learn once you let go of the past.

From what I already know about life, there's a lot of beauty in letting go and living in the present. You're rewarded with a lot of peace of mind the second you hit that "unfollow" button on social media or decide that a situation is no longer in your control. You create a lot of space for happiness and growth, and start welcoming new people, places, or things into your everyday life.

I also understand, though, that it's not always easy to let go of what was or what could've been. It can be tough to walk away from what seems to be your dream job, or an opportunity that felt right. In those moments, you have to remember that everything happens for a reason and get curious about these five hidden secrets of life. The future awaits, after all!

Your Gut Always Knows Best
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First things first: One hidden secret of life is that your gut knows best. During your biggest moments and decisions in, it is your sounding board, and will truly never steer you wrong.

You learn this when you finally let go of the past, because you begin to look at old situations differently. You realize that you knew a relationship was toxic, or that a job really wasn't the best fit for you. That knowledge wasn't a coincidence — it was your inner compass speaking up, loud and clear.

So now, going forward, you know that you have to trust yourself. You have to follow your intuition and not second-guess your choices or imagine "what could've been." Got it? Good.

Nothing Is As Complicated As It May Seem
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I'm a textbook over-thinker. I will run a situation or conversation through my head a million times, until I end up more confused and stressed out than before. I will get worried about what other people think, and sometimes make mountains out of miniature-sized hills. Right now, you might be saying to yourself, "Same."

Ditch those vibes! You can start the process by letting go of the past. Leave behind your old worries and problems that you can no longer control, and focus on the now. Then, you'll realize that some things really aren't as complicated as you make them out to be. In fact, life is pretty simple, and you might be taking it a little too seriously. (Mind over matter, OK?)

Talking Solves A Lot Of Life's Problems

I've found that talking and communicating can solve a lot of life's problems. From issues between friends, to wanting to tell your significant other, "I love you," I've learned that it's much better to speak up than to bottle it all up and keep it to yourself.

Truth is, nobody knows what you're thinking or expecting from them or a situation, otherwise. Unfortunately, we can't read minds yet. (Although, I don't think I would want to be able to read minds, anyway.) So, have conversations and dialogues with the people in your life. It'll do more good than you may think.

Unfollowing People On Social Media Who You Aren't Close To Anymore Feels Good
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I love social media just as much as the next person, but it's easy to develop habits while scrolling on these favorite apps. You may begin to go through your ex best friend's profile, and scan the pictures she recently posted, or feel bummed for not traveling as much as someone you follow from high school. Stop that, and let yourself move forward.

Truth is, the minute you unfollow an ex or people who you aren't close to anymore, you let go of your past and any negativity. You give yourself more time and space to grow as an individual, be inspired, and get excited for "what's next." Long story short: It feels good.

Embracing The Future Is Essential
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Last but not least, a lot of times when you're holding onto the past, it's because you might feel intimidated of the future. That is very normal and OK, but also something that you need to change your mindset on. Here's how.

Right now, the past is your comfort zone and the future is taking a leap out of it. You don't necessarily know "what's next," and that's nerve-wracking AF — I get it. But, tell yourself that it's an adventure, a bunch of opportunities, and something good to look forward to. Then, you'll likely be more excited and willing to accept it.

You'll realize that the past has only been holding you back, and that everything you've been waiting for is on the other side of letting go. Your best relationships, friendships, and days are yet to come, and you're about to create something beautiful for yourself.