3 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Open To Getting Back Together With An Ex

Getting back with an ex is fraught with a lot of complicated emotions. It's definitely not unheard of, or a bad thing to do, but it does take a lot of communication and honesty about what you're hoping for in this new iteration of your time together. If you're open to getting back together with your ex, you might want to look to your zodiac sign, because some signs are pretty prone to forgiveness and connection.

When it comes to starting things back up with an ex, there are some important things to keep in mind, regardless of your sign. Nicole Richardson, therapist and relationship expert, told Elite Daily that it can be incredibly important to remember that time may have passed, but that doesn't mean that both of you have completely changed. "Keep in mind that it is not a clean slate, you are both coming in with an idea of how this could [or] should go and some [hurt]," Richardson says. "It is important to try and address resentments head on right away and not ignore them in the initial, 'OMG I'm so happy this is working' phase." She also recommends creating new, healthy habits around communication and conflict resolution.

The following signs all have traits that make them most likely to want to rekindle the flicker flame of a former fling. They probably all find alliteration annoying, too.


When a Cancer falls in love with someone, the world around them will be made aware via their social media channels and their art, and they will talk about their special someone to anyone that will listen. Cancers are surprisingly guarded and reluctant to fall hard for someone, so when they do it's for real. This is why they're one of the signs that's most likely to get back with an ex — they're so meticulous about who they choose as a partner, they're likely to secretly keep a candle lit for their past boos.


Geminis get a lot of bad press, but when a Gemini loves you, you have a life-long defendant and ally. On the flip side, you don't want an enemy that is a Gemini, because they can be kind of ruthless. Geminis switch between levels of intensity and can feel a lot of feelings at once, so they're likely to get back with an ex, both because of harbored feelings and impulsivity. Geminis don't want a boring, monotonous routine and often do things to create more excitement in their lives. This doesn't mean that the reunion of a former flame isn't serious to them — it's just that their proclivity to intensity makes them a secret romantic.


Taureans are always fluttering into any situation, looking put together and glowing without even trying. They are loving by nature, but the way they express it is through loyalty. If a Taurus feels any sort of camaraderie with you, they would stick up for you — in any situation. This can translate to steadfast pining in their love lives. It should come as no surprise that they are highly likely to get back with an ex — once you occupy even the slightest space in the heart of a Taurus, they really won't forget you. They do, however, know who they want to keep in their lives. So, if a Taurus is ready to reignite something with a past love, just know that they mean business.

Remember: Astrology is not definitive and only you know if getting back with your ex feels right. But, hey, as a fellow Gemini, who wouldn't want to date one of these signs?