Captions For Saying Yes To The Dress

30 Instagram Captions For Saying "Yes" To The Dress Of Your Dreams

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When your partner got down on one knee and asked you to marry them, you probably squealed and said, "Yes!" Now, you're putting the details of your wedding day together, and preparing to say that three-letter word once again. This time, you'll be saying yes to the dress, and likely posing for celebratory selfies in the process. It's for that very reason that you're going to need Instagram captions for saying yes to the dress before you go shopping.

You may have already written down a few captions for saying yes to the dress while looking for dress styles and inspo on Instagram or Pinterest. It's always good to go into the experience prepared, and save pictures of gowns with appliqué or lace to show your bridal attendant. If you have a general idea of what style you're looking for, the attendant can help you narrow down your options. Aside from the traditional, A-line dress with a tulle skirt, there are midi-length, strapless, and non-white dresses you can say "yes" to. There are also chic jumpsuits, and accessories like veils, floral hair pieces, and earrings.

During your appointment, take time to try on looks in your wheelhouse, as well as ones you could never picture yourself walking down the aisle in. Dance around a bit, too, to make sure you'll be comfortable during a reception, cocktail hour, or elopement adventure. Like the day your SO proposed, you'll squeal when you find the dress and know it's "the one."

These Instagram captions for saying yes to the dress will tell the world you've found the dress of your dreams, and highlight your bride-to-be glow.

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1. "To love, laughter, and leaving with my dream dress."

2. "Until further notice, I'm celebrating finding my dress."

3. "This bride just found their dream dress."

4. "Can I say yes to the dress every day?"

5. "Another 'yes' is in the wedding books."

6. "My second favorite 'yes' was to the dress."

7. "Wait until you see this dress..."

8. "Why say 'yes' to a dress, when you can say 'yes' to a jumpsuit?"

9. "Find the perfect wedding dress. Check!"

10. "Fell in love with a dress today."

11. "A bride walked into a sample sale, and lived happily ever after."

12. "So, this is what it's like to be on 'Say Yes to the Dress.'"

13. "Ready to hit the dance floor in my new dress."

14. "Under the definition of 'perfect,' you'd find my dress."

15. "Let's toast to the dream dress."

16. "Most successful shopping trip ever."

17. "Drop your dress predictions in the comments!"

18. "I don't want to reveal too much, but my dress is fire."

19. "Yes, yes, and yes."

20. "Tulle have and to hold."

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21. "The only thing you need is love...and a dress."

22. "Fine, I'll tell you about my wedding dress. It's white."

23. "I bought the cutest sample of the whole sale."

24. "Next up: marrying my love."

25. "Big fan of trying on wedding dresses. Bigger fan of ordering one."

26. "It's classic, timeless, and totally me."

27. "It's a love story. Baby, just say 'yes.'" — Taylor Swift, "Love Story (Taylor's Version)"

28. "So in love with my wedding dress-to-be."

29. "The bridal glow is real after saying yes to the dress."

30. "Brought my wedding Pinterest board to life."