A couple stands under palm trees while eloping in California.
8 Most Beautiful Places To Elope In The U.S. That Are Made For "I Do"

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When it comes to getting married and saying, "I do," some couples don't want anything more than each other and some quality views. Instead of writing out invitations, walking down the aisle in front of a ton of people, and slicing a cake in an extravagant venue, they'd rather grab their rings and a couple of suitcases and elope. There are so many beautiful places to elope in the U.S. made for those couples — places that are bucket list and unconventional wedding-worthy.

After seeing a few photographs of them, you might look at your SO and say, "Let's elope, too!" Or you may choose to adventure to them on your honeymoon after the romantic vows, funny speeches, and dances at the reception are all said and done. Weddings are a very personal thing; you and your partner should do whatever feels right to you and honors your relationship the best. If that means throwing a big, white wedding, then do it. If that means eloping in a national park or on the beach right at sunset, then go for it.

The decision is entirely up to you. If you're thinking of eloping, then one of these 10 spots might be the place to say, "I do." They're as magical as ever, and perfect for marrying the person you love.

Zion National Park In Utah
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The first of these spots is none other than Zion National Park. Known for its stunning red rock and incredible hiking trails, it may be the most epic destination for you and your partner to elope. It may require adventuring in your wedding attire, but the couple who loves the great outdoors will enjoy starting the next chapter of their lives this way.

God's Thumb In Oregon

God's Thumb in Oregon is another outdoorsy spot in the U.S. that's made for saying, "I do." Located near the Pacific Ocean and Lincoln City, it's a pretty under-the-radar spot to share a romantic celebration with bae. According to, it can be covered with wildflowers at times. That would make your elopement even more magical, huh?

The French Quarter In New Orleans

Most weddings feel like they should be in a movie. Eloping with your SO will be no different — especially if you exchange rings in the French Quarter in the colorful city of New Orleans. This neighborhood is loaded with spots to listen to jazz music and sip artsy cocktails. After you get married, you may want to stay for a while and honeymoon.

Laguna Beach, California
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What does every elopement need? A sunset. There's no place like Laguna Beach, California for one of those. Every night the sky turns radiant shades of pink and purple, and it reflects delicately on the ocean. Head there with your SO to get married and say, "I do." You two won't regret it — especially when you're looking back on your elopement pictures.

Sundance Mountain Resort In Utah

Have you and your partner looked into the Sundance Mountain Resort for your elopement? It's such a cozy place to get married and profess your love for one another. Just be sure to get approval beforehand by reaching out to the resort — especially if you want to grab some pictures.

Grand Central Station In New York City

Grand Central Station in New York City can be an extremely romantic place. Once the rush of commuters and busy travelers ends, it's a spot where people gather and share all kinds of happy moments. Make it the spot you get married by squeezing into a spot on one of the staircases and saying, "I do."

Santa Monica Pier In California

When you're with your SO, it's all fun and games. You two have a countless number of inside jokes you bring up on the reg, and always seem to be laughing and smiling. That's why you should get married on the Santa Monica Pier in California. It's a sweet and colorful backdrop for your love story, and you can even rent the merry-go-round for your event.

The Adler Planetarium In Illinois

You have the universe to thank for bringing you and your SO together. Seriously, what would you do without them by your side? Do the planets and stars a favor by getting married at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois. After saying, "I do," share a few special moments while watching the skyscrapers twinkle from a distance, or gazing at the stars through a telescope.