A young couple share a romantic moment in front of a colorful wall during an engagement photo shoot.
7 Engagement Photo Shoot Locations To Travel To That Are Total Bliss

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Right after your significant other popped the question, you probably had a million amazing thoughts on your mind: where will you get married, is there a particularly trendy spot to take a honeymoon right now, and will you dance your first dance to a Taylor Swift song? The next few months of wedding planning will tell. Right now, simply celebrate this chapter in your relationship and look into engagement photo locations to travel to that are total bliss.

When you're engaged, every day will likely feel exciting and full of love. You'll wake up to your lover snuggling into your side, and watch the sun make your ring sparkle through your bedroom windows. Although your wedding day might not be for another 100 days or so, you'll still get a rush of excitement writing out invitations, picking out a cake, and counting down the days until you get to say, "I do." In between the laughs, smiles, and wedding-related appointments, you'll want to jet-set to someplace dreamy and document this epic time in your life.

If you have a friend who's a photographer, you may want them to come along and snap pics of you and bae sharing kisses and romantic #looks. Or you may want to purchase a digital camera and capture those gazes and relationship #goals for yourself. Either way, these seven locations will make for total bliss and beautiful engagement pics.

The Alvord Desert In Oregon
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The first of these locations has faded purple-colored mountains and plenty of space to chill with bae during an engagement photo shoot. It's the otherworldly Alvord Desert in Oregon.

According to, this spot has an endless horizon that's perfect for golden hour pics, and it's even home to some hot springs. It's a true paradise and stunning backdrop for lovers who are embarking on the next phase of their adventurous life.

The Markets In Nice, France

Arguably no photo shoot is complete without some flowers. Needless to say, you and bae might want to consider heading to the markets in Nice, France for an engagement photo shoot. They'll be the colorful backdrop you're looking for, and a sweet spot to share kisses with bae. Not to mention, you could stay in a perfectly-designed Airbnb in the French Riviera with stunning #views of the ocean, and then pose amongst the fresh buds during the afternoon.

Zuma Beach In Malibu, California

Life has been pretty sunny since your significant other made an appearance in it. That's why a photo shoot with rings and lots of relationship #goals at Zuma Beach in Malibu will be picture-perfect. It'll be the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that is your life right now, and capture your happiness in its truest form.

Hotel De Ville In Paris, France
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There's no place as romantic as Paris, France. The city is literally dubbed "The City of Love," and it's even the spot where some couples get engaged. You and your bae can head there for an engagement photo shoot filled with legendary sights and landmarks. While you're there, be sure to head to Hotel de Ville where you can take pics in front of a glittering carousel or very Insta-worthy balconies and architecture.

Pinewood Social In Nashville, Tennessee

If you and bae love going out on the town with your friends or having adventurous date nights, then having a photo shoot at an eclectic bowling alley in Nashville will be best thing for you. Pinewood Social is a popular spot in the city, where you can grab a drink and bite to eat, and then try to get a spare.

Bring your love and a camera here for an engagement shoot, and pose with mozzarella sticks and ice cream sundaes to show you're going into married life with fun in mind.

Valley Of Fire State Park In Nevada

When you think of love, what color comes to mind? If it's red, then Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is the place for you to have an engagement photo shoot. Just imagine how your pics would look if you and bae posed in all white against the bright rocks, or kissed amongst the rippling sand waves near sunset.

The Streets Of Meguro In Tokyo, Japan
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Influencer you follow on the 'Gram might be going to Japan this year. That's because it's a hip spot for cuisine and snagging sweet pics amongst the cherry blossoms. One spot you and your bae should check out is Meguro. This neighborhood, according to The Culture Trip, has all kinds of museums, parks, and cozy streets. Pose amongst them for the dreamiest engagement pics.