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These Airbnbs In The French Riviera Will Take Your Breath Away

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If you don't have dreamy places like Nice, Antibes, and Monaco on your bucket list, what are you waiting for? These destinations in the French Riviera are gorgeous, and combine the loveliest parts of tropical and European vacations. Not mention, there are tons of Airbnbs in the French Riviera that'll take your breath away.

They may make you want to cancel your ticket home, and live amongst the pastel-colored buildings and stunning views forever. Their balconies, velvet couches, and private pools will make you feel like you're living in fantasy world, where you don't have to go to work and can straight-up chill and travel instead. To some people, nothing may sound more magical than that, especially if sweet croissants with cream filling and Polaroid cameras are involved.

Those travelers might close their eyes at night and dream about taking a dip in the saltwater in the French Riviera with their best friends, thrift shopping in local areas of each coastal city and town, and dressing up for a luxe night spent at the casinos or a fancy restaurant. They can perfectly imagine checking into one of these 10 Airbnbs that'll leave you speechless, and make you think, "Is this real life?"

This Apartment Is Near The Beach And Bakeries

The first of these Airbnbs is this apartment in Antibes that's minutes away from the beach. It's decorated with white and blue details that'll perfectly complement your #content, and has a balcony that's ideal for sipping a cappuccino at 10 a.m. Book it and you'll instantly feel at home.

This Guesthouse Is The Perfect Shade Of Pink

If you and your best friend are planning a trip to France, then you may want to reserve this millennial pink guesthouse in Évenos. It has a beautiful backyard complete with a pool for when you want to take a dip, and a kitchen with windows that seemingly stretch for miles. For two travelers like yourselves, it's a colorful paradise and a really Instagram-worthy place to stay.

This Apartment Is Beyond Cozy And Cute

When you wake up in the French Riviera, you may want to do two things: see the crystal clear water for yourself and wander through a local market. If you stay at this cozy apartment in Toulon, then you'll be able to check those items off right away. It's located right near all the hustle and bustle, and will let you totally disconnect from the "real world."

This Apartment Is Made For A Couple's Getaway

A little more inland, but still located in the French Riviera, is this sweet apartment in Bormes-les-Mimosas. With a kitchen that glows in the sunlight, and a bedroom that'll be magical to wake up in, it's ideal for a couple who's taking a romantic trip. Make a pasta dinner at home one night, and connect to the WiFi when you want to post a tour of the place on your Instagram stories. Then, simply enjoy.

This Townhouse Is Straight Out Of Storybook

I've never met an Airbnb I didn't like, and this charming and completely remodeled townhouse in Antibes will keep that streak going. Located right across the street from the Picasso Museum, this place is something you'd totally see in a storybook. Be sure relax amongst the greenery that surrounds the entrance, and take some selfies in the perfectly-lit bathrooms.

This Apartment Is So Luxe

Some vacations are meant to be luxe from beginning to end. If you check into this modern apartment in Cannes, you'll feel like a princess while sitting on the plush couches and snapping selfies on the stunning patio. You'll leave your destination feeling refreshed and renewed.

This Apartment Has A Balcony You Can't Miss Out On

A balcony can be the most ideal spot for having a photo shoot with your best friends. Not to mention, it can really give you a better view of the city you're in and where you'd like to explore. This stylish apartment in Nice will definitely do the trick, and it's also near the train station for when you want to go on an adventure.

This Apartment Is Surrounded By Cafés And Sights

To you, traveling may be all about finding the hidden gems in well-known places. This lovely apartment in Nice just might be that hidden gem for you by giving you a space amongst the cafés, attractions, and major sights to relax. It'll be the welcoming atmosphere you walk into every night after exploring and following your wanderlust.

This Apartment Is Made For Summer Lovers

If summer were an Airbnb, it would be this stunning apartment in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. With light pouring through the windows and #views of the sea and orange rooftops that are so epic, it's made for travelers who are deeply in love with sunshine and filling their passports with stamps. Reserve it immediately and then pack your suitcase with all the beachy essentials.

This Apartment Has All The Vacay Vibes

Last but not least, if you're headed to the French Riviera and want somewhere sort-of vintage and bold to stay, consider this bright apartment in Cannes. You'll love everything about it from the queen bed, to the balcony that wraps around the entire place. Enjoy your breakfast outside or inside, and then spend your day taking pics and immersing yourself in the vacay vibes.

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