A couple shares a romantic moment on a pink beach while on a 25th birthday trip.
15 Underrated 25th Birthday Trip Ideas For Your Partner That Take The Cake

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Birthdays look a little different when you're an adult. Instead of opening presents and eating cake at home, you might be traveling the world. And if your love is hitting a major milestone, then you're the one in charge of finding 25th birthday trip ideas for your partner that are totally unique.

At first, you might be a little overwhelmed at the idea of coming up with an itinerary and planning a week-long trip to somewhere dreamy. What airline should you fly? What sights do you have to see? Being the travel agent in your relationship can be tricky. But every afternoon you spend researching the trendiest destinations and hidden eateries is so worth it when your partner opens their present and you see the look on their face.

The moment they see a couple of plane tickets sitting at the bottom of a perfectly-wrapped box — along with a guidebook for the greatest beaches in Portugal or hiking trails in Zion National Park — is priceless. They might let out a huge gasp or rush to hug you before asking a million questions about their birthday trip's itinerary. Here are a few ideas to get your trip plans started, and you well on your way to that beautiful reaction.

Go Hiking In The Grand Canyon

When you're planning this 25th birthday trip, you should think about your partner's always-growing bucket list. Odds are, they want to see the Grand Canyon and hike the red trails like many other millennial travelers. Research the hidden waterfalls and secret spots, and then figure out a route to get there.

Hang Out At A Pink Sand Beach

Nothing says "I love you" like a pink sand beach. This type of destination is one-of-a-kind, just like your partner, and can be the most epic spot to grab some pics for your love's milestone birthday. Head to one of these beaches in Australia, Greece, or the Bahamas. Bathing suit and quality camera? Required.

Listen To Live Music In Irish Pubs

If your partner is more of a homebody, they might like a more low-key trip. This may include a flight to the beautiful country of Ireland and listening to live music in cozy pubs. Be sure to order a Guinness while you're there, and talk to some of the locals for a birthday your partner will never forget.

Rent An Airbnb On The French Riviera

The French Riviera is loaded with casinos, stunning beaches, and adorable markets. Head there for your partner's 25th birthday for all kinds of fun and a different taste of your typical European #views. Rent an Airbnb with a balcony that you can have breakfast on, too.

Take A Coffee Tour In Seattle

Seattle is the home of Starbucks — aka, one of the most gigantic coffee chains in the world. But it's also home to plenty of cute coffee shops that are worth visiting for your partner's 25th. If your love can't go a morning without pouring a cup of Joe, take them around the city to the highest-rated java spots. Then, go for dinner at the restaurant in the Space Needle, SkyCity.

Eat Pizza And Paninis In Rome

Whether you and your partner have been together for over a year or for a few months, one thing is true: They've stolen a pizza your heart. Express that endless love you have for them with a trip to Rome. Wander around the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, and then grab a bite at a local pizza joint. A slice of cheese will never have tasted so good.

Go To A Soccer Game In Manchester

Is your partner really into sports? If so, consider taking them to a big soccer game in Manchester, England for their 25th birthday. If you get seats close enough to the field, they might get to wave to their favorite players.

Stay At A Luxurious Hotel In Santa Barbara

The West Coast has all kinds of beautiful spots to take a relaxing and luxurious vacay, including Santa Barbara. If it's in your budget, head there for a weekend of swimming, tanning, and soaking up the good vibes. It'll be a present for both you and your partner.

Drive Around The Streets Of Miami
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No matter what time of the year your partner's birthday is, you can soak up the sun in Miami, Florida. This destination is made for golden hour drives. Pose for pics together on the beach and in front of vintage clothing stores to document your trip. Post them on social media after applying one of the best preset packs of the season.

Visit The Sacred Temples In Japan

Japan is an up and coming destination for travelers. You and your partner can get ahead of the trend by checking out the temples and cherry blossom-filled streets for their 25th birthday. Although the flight might be long and pricey, it'll be worth it when you're eating authentic cuisine and exploring the city together.

Go On A Safari In Kenya

Your mid-20s is a time to live your best life, whatever that may look like for you. For your partner, this might mean going on an epic adventure for their 25th birthday like a private safari in Kenya. Elephants, giraffes, and lions in their natural habitat? Yes, please.

Explore The Coastal Cities Of Croatia

There's something about the coastal cities that are so magical. They make you feel like you're living in a movie with their teal waters and orange rooftops. Catch a flight to Dubrovnik, Split, or Zadar for a unique and underrated 25th birthday trip for you and your partner. Maybe take a Game of Thrones walking tour while you're there, too.

Dress Up And Go Out In New Orleans
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New Orleans is loaded with culture, music, and architecture that you two lovebirds have to see in your lifetime. Why not take a trip there for your partner's 25th birthday then, so you don't miss out on the beauty of the French Quarter, electric parades, and seasonal festivals?

Ride A Boat Near Niagara Falls

Jim and Pam from The Office were onto something when they took a boat ride near Niagara Falls. They knew this romantic excursion would be unforgettable, and a story they'd tell for decades to come. On your partner's 25 birthday, take a note from them and have this experience for yourselves.

Relax On The Balconies Of Paris

Last but not least, the "City of Love" is calling your boo's name on their 25th birthday. It's begging you to jump across the pond and have slow mornings on Parisian balconies with bae. Don't leave this magical city hanging, and head to the croissants and busy crosswalks ASAP.