7 Hidden Secrets For Your Grand Canyon Trip That You Don't Know About, But Need To

This summer, you're setting all of your sights on adventure. You're leaving behind the games of volleyball at the beach, and trading your flip flops for a pair of hiking boots. You've seen enough of the waves, and are looking to take a dip in a waterfall. Well, let me tell you, every corner of the country has something you can explore. But, the beautiful destinations down in Arizona will be the first to check off your bucket list. There are some secrets about the Grand Canyon, in particular, you need to know before you take a trip. Actually, after this, can I even call them secrets anymore?

Yes, you truly never thought this day would come, but you're done with the average beach days and sticking your feet in the sand. You'd rather see a saturated sunset from the top of a mountain, or cure your wanderlust in a vibrant canyon. Do you think a camera could capture all of its beauty? Personally, I think there are some places on this earth that just will never look the same in pictures.

If you're anything like me, you must make it to the Grand Canyon at least once in your lifetime. I've been daydreaming about this spot since my mom told me all about her white-water rafting trip when I was little. When I eventually do go, I'll be sure to hit these seven totally secret spots — and you should, too.

Phantom Ranch
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You may not expect that there are many places to stay among the red rock of the Grand Canyon, and you're not totally wrong. Below the rim of the canyon, Phantom Ranch is the only lodging you'll find, which makes it an extra special (and somewhat secret) place to stay.

Essentially, Phantom Ranch is a set of dorms and cabins. They're settled into a really remote location, and you can only get to them by hiking, taking a mule, or rafting down the Colorado River. When you arrive, you'll notice that there are no phones or television, so you'll have no trouble disconnecting from the world. Just make sure you make a reservation well in advance, because bunks go quick!

Bright Angel Cabins
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If you're looking to really surround yourself in the rustic nature of the outdoors, then you might want to check out the cabins at Bright Angel Lodge. Unlike Phantom Ranch, this accommodation has the works.

After your long days spent exploring the Grand Canyon and basking in the bright sun, you'll be able to treat yourself to some satellite TV and even a private bath. Not to mention, there's access to a coffee maker, so you won't have to go entirely without caffeine during this trip. Phew! It's safe to say, you needed this secret.

Antelope Canyon
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Just a bit away from the end of the Grand Canyon is another secret spot you can't sleep on. It's vibrant, adventurous AF, and everything your social media needs to show that you're having a truly unforgettable summer.

Antelope Canyon is located in Page, AZ, and is considered to be a "slot canyon." Flash floods formed its unique features over time, creating a beautiful set of caves you'll want to explore while you're in the area. Take a guided tour through the sacred land, and be sure to pack a camera. I don't think you ever expected to have something so bold in color on your bucket list!

Havasu Falls
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Find yourself among the waterfalls this summer. In particular, if you're headed to the Grand Canyon, then you'll want to scope out Havasu Falls for a secret oasis that's nothing short of stunning. Imagine the bright blue water of places like Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Canada. Now, put that same atmosphere right into the heart of one of America's greatest wonders. Sounds lovely, huh?

You can hike to this spot, but only with a reservation, according to the National Park Service. Since it's located within the Havasupai Indian Reservation, the water and land is part of someone's home, and hikers and campers are asked to be extra mindful.

Horseshoe Bend
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Have you ever heard of Horseshoe Bend? This spot sort of feels magical, even just in the pictures. As you might know, the Colorado River runs through the Grand Canyon, and this is where it meanders among even more red rock.

You'll want to catch a sunset or a sunrise here, and then make a reservation for a guided tour in the vibrant canyons nearby. Traveling like a blogger has been on your bucket list this summer, and adding secret spots like this one to your itinerary will give you quite the backdrops for some photos.

Cape Royal Drive
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My friends and I have always loved taking drives in the summertime. Whether it's been late at night, or during the day on our way down to the beach with the music blasting out the windows, it just never gets old. We'll use that time to catch up, or just zone out on the views that are passing by. Now, picture seeing the Grand Canyon just outside the passenger window. How unreal would that be?

The drive on Cape Royal Road is one you'll want to do during your trip. After all, you're feet are going to need a bit of a break from those hiking boots! You'll ride along the North Rim for 23 miles from the Grand Canyon Lodge to the Cape Royal viewpoint. But, the views in between can't quite be beat.

Hermit's Rest
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One of the best-kept secrets of the Grand Canyon is Hermit's Rest. During your road trips with your crew, you've probably stopped at all kinds of rest stops and grabbed some French fries. You didn't stay too long before once again hitting the highway and continuing on to your next destination. But, you won't want just to quickly pass through this spot.

In fact, you'll want to take a little time to explore the structure, take a photo with the rock formation that's at the entryway, and even grab something to eat at the snack bar. Being adventurous means that you'll be working up quite the appetite, and a freshly baked cookie on top of the Grand Canyon can't be missed.