The Bucket List Goals Only The True Traveler Will Make Happen This Summer

Been there, done that. At least that's what you'd like to be able to say, right? If you're anything like me, being in your 20s has meant creating a bucket list that seems a bit unattainable. You want to see everything this world has to offer, and can't settle for anything less. One day, you want to say you've been to Thailand, and gone to every single national park in the United States. Checking some things off is going to be a must this summer, because your wanderlust just can't wait any longer. Only the legit traveler will make these bucket list goals happen, though. It's the most beautiful season of the year, and living out of a suitcase is about to be the norm.

If you're head over heels in love with traveling, you've likely already planned some trips, or gone on an adventure this year. You spent spring break exploring Europe with your crew, or gathered your girls up for a day of hiking on the nearby trails. There's just always something to do, in your personal opinion, and you wouldn't dare waste a second of your time being bored.

This summer, you'll jet-set to faraway lands, and will probably make a few new friends who live in different countries along the way. To your girls, you are always hopping on planes and showing off the Sagittarius in you. You'll make these seven things happen this summer, just because you're true about traveling.

Travel Abroad For The First Time

If you haven't been to another country already, then this summer you're bound to make it happen. Traveling abroad for the first time is such a unique experience. You'll love immersing yourself in another culture. Not to mention, you'll give those gourmet dishes like escargot and squid ink pasta a try.

After just a few days, you'll realize why people choose to spend entire semesters in places like Spain or Australia. There's just way too much to do in one trip, and always something to be said for living like a local.

Learn A New Language

OK, you may not be fluent in another language in just a few months, but it's definitely on your bucket list to be bilingual. This summer, you'll be spending some time getting a jump on this goal while you're not in school. Growing up, you may have taken Spanish classes, or had family member who passed down bits and pieces of French.

You've learned how to say "hello" and "thank you." Now, it's just about learning everything else, so that you can hold a real conversation. After all, when you're traveling, you want to talk to people and understand what they're saying. Picking up another language has just always seemed like a must to you. Don't worry — you'll make it happen.

Take A Road Trip With Besties

Gather up your girl crew, because this summer, you're planning on checking that road trip off of your bucket list. You and your friends from home have always talked about packing up the car and heading across the country. You'd even drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to see the dreamiest spots like Big Sur or Santa Monica. Out of everyone in your crew, though, you'll be the one to turn those ideas into a reality. You'll figure out a route, and rent the camper van. The only thing your besties need to worry about is blasting the best jams during those long hours spent in the car.

Wake Up For A Sunrise

Waking up at 4 a.m. might seem like such a struggle, but it will be totally worth it when you're finally seeing a sunrise in all of its beauty. You and your besties have had late night bonfires at the beach, and making s'mores while the sun goes down. So, this will be a nice change-up from the norm.

Maybe you'll hike to see the horizon line from a different perspective, or just bundle up in some sweaters and take a drive down to the beach bright and early. Be sure to make brunch plans for after the main event, and bring your camera along — even though pictures won't do it justice.

Pull An All-Nighter In A City

It seems that cities truly never sleep, and this summer, neither will you for a night, just to check something off of your bucket list. You'll get a cute Airbnb in New York City, and spend your night in the lights of Times Square. Maybe you'll even be hanging in Barcelona, and dancing until dawn. The electric nightlife is quite the experience, and morning will come around before you know it. All of those Saturday nights with your besties at the bar basically just got the best upgrade, and you'll leave your trip with some sweet memories made at 2 a.m.

See A Wonder Of The World

When you have an unlimited amount of wanderlust, everything in the world seems like a wonder. A plate of pasta in Rome has the same effect on me as Machu Picchu. Although, according to the history books, that's not entirely the case.

If you're a legit traveler, you'll make it a point this summer to see a wonder of the world. You'll head to Alaska to experience the Northern Lights, or adventure just outside of London to see Stonehenge. Sure, to someone like you who likes to go off the beaten path, these sights may not be at the top of your list. But, you're still bound to make it happen for the sake of checking things off your bucket list.

Go Camping In A National Park

Being a traveler means that you're likely a big fan of the outdoors. You love to go hiking on the weekends, or at least wouldn't mind trying white water rafting if it meant you got to see the entire Grand Canyon. So, checking out a national park and pitching a tent while you're there is another must this summer.

You'll head toward the West Coast, and see all of the red rock and tall redwood trees. The salt flats in Utah and the night sky of Death Valley are calling your name. It's time the world sees even more of your adventurous side!

Sure, you could try and collect currency from all over the world, and score those passport stamps. But, there's nothing like Earth's natural beauty to truly inspire and leave an impact on your summer. You're a goal-getter, and this is just another thing you can't wait to check off your bucket list ASAP.