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10 Heartwarming Photos Of Brides With Their Moms On Their Wedding Day

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Weddings obviously come with a slew of grade-A photo ops — like exchanging your vows and having your first kiss as a married couple, or tearing up the dance floor with fam and friends at the reception. But TBH, it’s those photos of brides with their moms that just may take the cake (see what I did there?) when it comes to nailing you right in the feels.

There are several reasons for this. Naturally, many moms are overcome with a wave of pride and sheer joy while witnessing their daughter enter a new stage of their lives. And for daughters, who may feel a tad nervous about taking this massive leap, it can be super comforting to have their mothers nearby — not only to keep them calm but also to share some pearls of marital wisdom here and there. Some ladies have such strong bonds with their mothers, in fact, that they shun the tradition of having their father “give them away,” and opt to have their mother walk them down the aisle instead. My best friend went this route for her wedding, and there was nary a dry eye in the house when it happened. It simply made sense, too, since her mother was truly the one who raised her, instilled her values in her, and helped shape her into the strong-willed, compassionate, perceptive young lady she is today.

Whether you just got married, are planning your wedding, or are single AF and just have a close bond with your mom, it's normal to get all kinds of nostalgic looking at photos of brides with their mothers. And if that's you, these images are sure to be moving.

Helping Hands

Mom of the bride is helping with the wedding dress


Honestly, what would you do without your mom? This one is a bona fide hero, tying up the back of her daughter's stunning gown. In other words, she's kind of like the best personal assistant ever. Not only is she there to lend a helping hand when you need her, but she may just do it without you even asking. Why? She just gets it.

All Smiles

Happy mother holds bride's hand standing with her in the room


This bride and her mama radiate pure adoration for each other. With her eyes closed and hand over her daughter's, the mother of the bride is beaming with pride. And why shouldn't she be? Her daughter makes a breathtaking bride. Did I mention her updo is on point?

Eye Contact
Leah Flores/Stocksy

This mother-daughter duo looks like two peas in a pod, in their perfectly coordinated, black and white ensembles. Not only are they all smiles on the big day, but they're gazing into each other's eyes — rather than the camera — which makes for a truly authentic moment.

Kisses Just Because

Mom kisses bride tender posing together in the mystic forest


I mean, how precious is this mother's kiss on her daughter's cheek? It's a simple gesture that exudes so much affection. With her eyes closed and arm around her mom, the bride looks as if she's soaking up every moment of QT with her mama.

To The Rescue

Wedding day. Moroccan-style room. Morning blond bride in the hotel. A dress with a lace and a veil. Wedding details. Portrait of a bride in a white dress. Mom and girlfriend help dress the dress.


Who's going to help fluff up your veil while you've got your hands tied guzzling champagne? Your mom, of course. This mother swoops right in to adjust the accessory, and her daughter looks like she couldn't possibly feel more #Blessed.


Bride sharing champagne with her mother on her wedding day


This photo captures the moment right before a mother and daughter enjoy a toast, and they truly look like they're on cloud nine — not just because of the bubbly, but also because they're bonding on the big day.

When In Doubt, Hugs
Danil Nevsky/Stocksy

A picture of a hug says a thousand words. This heartfelt embrace between a mother and daughter shows a moment of tenderness before the ceremony begins. And who couldn't use a hug right before you're about to make a life-changing commitment?

A Mother's Touch

Mother helping her daughter get dressed on her wedding day.


There's something inexplicably special about having your mother put a piece of jewelry on you, rather than just donning it yourself. Maybe because it's the type of moment that serves as a reminder that your mom will always be your mom — and as independent as you are, you still may crave her help once in a while.

Laughter = Love
Brian McEntire/Stocksy

Sometimes, a little levity is much needed after the serious business of tying the knot. That's why this candid of a mother and daughter laughing with each other is oh so adorable. Are they chuckling about grandma having a few too many gin and tonics? Or the groom's unapologetically terrible dance moves? Who knows. Regardless, it's the kind of moment all brides hope for on their wedding day.

A Dance To Remember

Bride dancing with her mother


Clearly, this bride is overcome with emotion — and is it any surprise? Dancing with your mom at the reception is one of those memories you'll certainly never forget from your big day.

There's no denying that if you have a close relationship with your mother, they'll probably play a major role in making your big day feel special. So, don't forget to snap a few pics — because as you can see, those are the kind of photos you'll back on and instantly get the warm fuzzies. Now if you'll excuse me, I could use a hug, a long talk, or a glass of champagne with my own mama right about now (or perhaps all three).

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