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35 Wedding Captions For Couples & Having The Best Date In Town

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When you've got your friends, cake, and dancing all in attendance, it's no wonder why weddings are super enjoyable. And any wedding day is made better when you have a great plus one by your side. Along with a guaranteed partner for the dance floor at the reception, you have someone to snap selfies with on the big day, which is why you need wedding captions for couples.

A good wedding can make you believe in happily ever even more than you normally do. Maybe the vows get you emotional or seeing the happy couple stare lovingly into each other's eyes all day long make you swoon, but love is officially in the air. That's why you're even more over the moon about spending this special day with your SO.

If there's a photo booth at the reception, you know a few Instagram-worthy snaps will be taken. Not to mention, you need a good pic of you both dressed up for the occasion in your wedding attire, so a good caption is a must. If you're too busy having a good time dancing to Lizzo on the dance floor, simply use any of these 35 wedding captions for your cutesy couple photos with your love.

Lyudvig Aristarhovich

1. "They got married. We just partied."

2. "This place is full of good-looking couples."

3. "This happy couple wishes the other happy couple a wonderful wedding day."

4. "Get you a wedding date who knows how to dance."

5. "I knew they were the best plus one when they brought me a slice of cake."

6. "We make formal attire look [fire emoji]."

7. "I only like to dance with you."

8. "Bae said there would be cake, so here I am."

9. "Love is in the air."

10. "So this is love." — Cinderella

11. "Thanks to the happy couple for showing us what to look forward to."

12. "I didn't just bring a plus one, I brought a dance partner, cake saver."

13. "We're hoping to catch the bouquet today."

14. "Thank you to the happy couple for having a photo booth. Sorry for all the snaps we took."

15. "When there is a photo booth, you must model."

16. "So glad I have someone for all the slow songs."

17. "We love going to weddings."


18. "Can you feel the love tonight?" — The Lion King

19. "The party don't start till we walk in."

20. "I vow to spend this wedding day with you."

21. "I'm not crying. You're crying."

22. "Felt cute, might watch two people get married later."

23. "We're just here to witness happily ever after in person."

24. "There's no one I'd rather watch this love story with than you."

25. "You found your person, and I got to share that with my person."

26. "Today, you get married and we get to party. It's a win for everyone."

27. "You guys got us all emotional and stuff."

28. "We've got some serious competition for couple goals."

29. "It's like we just watched a Disney movie IRL together."

30. "Thank you for setting the bar real high."

31. "To the happy couple: May you always be as happy as we were today."

32. "You guys made vows to each other, and now, we're making vows to be the life of the party."

33. "Thank you for handing me a tissue when I started bawling my eyes out with happy tears."

34. "I'm so glad I found a date who will look like a fool on the dance floor with me."

35. "I hope the happy couple appreciates how good we look today."

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