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These Captions For Your Pisces Partner's Birthday Will Make Waves On The 'Gram

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On your partner's birthday, you want nothing more than to rave about them on social media. They're the dreamiest, sweetest, and most thoughtful person you know, and those traits are heightened because they're a Pisces. You could honestly gush about how amazing they are any day of the year, and these captions for your Pisces partner's birthday will help you celebrate them on the 'gram and put all of your appreciative feelings into words.

Your SO makes snuggling in bed, dancing in the kitchen, and even watching a movie you've seen a thousand times an adventure. Plus, they have the best taste in music and will send you new playlists to listen to when you're cooking dinner or getting work done. On their birthday, you may put on one of those playlists and have an at-home photo session. You can pull out Pisces-themed props like plush pillows that show off how much they love a good nap, or watercolor paints that are an ode to their artistic side. Snaps posing with any of those props would pair so well with these captions for your Pisces partner's birthday.

Of course, the pics you already have stored in your camera roll of your sweetheart would work nicely with these captions, too. Listen to your partner's favorite song while picking out a series of romantic photos, an adorable selfie, or a throwback vacation pic to post. All of those photos are sure to rake in the likes and make your partner smile as bright as the stars. Once you have your content picked out, be sure to post it with one of these captions for your Pisces partner's birthday to celebrate them and their intuitive sign on the 'gram.

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1. "Happy birthday to my perfect Pisces."

2. "This Pisces has stolen a piece of my heart."

3. "Life is beautiful, and so are you."

4. "I wouldn't trade a chill night with you for anything."

5. "You've taught me how to love harder."

6. "Today's schedule: snuggle, eat cake, and look at the stars."

7. "You owe it to yourself to do all the things you've dreamed."

8. "Relationship status: totally crushing on this Pisces."

9. "I'm lucky to be in love with someone as caring as you."

10. "Hey, water you up to for your birthday?"

11. "Taking a birthday dip with my water sign."

12. "Step into your birthday magic."

13. "Let's dance and sing the night away."

14. "You're like all of my favorite playlists wrapped into a person."

15. "On your birthday, it's only right that we do Pisces things."

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16. "Thanks for putting up with me, Pisces."

17. "Please go wish this Pisces a happy birthday. Thanks!"

18. "I'm always glowing and growing when I'm with you."

19. "The proud partner of a Pisces."

20. "Everybody should be as kind and patient as you."

21. "Roses are red, violets are blue, today is your birthday, and I love you."

22. "Today, every star in the universe is shining for you."

23. "One day, we'll jet-set to Jupiter for your birthday."

24. "I appreciate you, Pisces."

25. "We must protect this beautiful Pisces at all costs."

26. "You're already making waves in this next year of your life."

27. "Here's to more naps and mini adventures."

28. "If you were a painting, you'd be as colorful as a rainbow."

29. "Dear, Pisces. You make me so proud."

30. "Life is simple. Just add a water sign."

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