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The First Week Of Pisces Season Is Here & It's Affecting Every Zodiac Sign

You might feel a sense of unease as this week begins. On Feb. 17, restrictive and authoritative Saturn will form a square with erratic and rebellious Uranus. This high-intensity aspect might leave you feeling like a rocket that could blast off at any moment. However, instead of feeling ready to set yourself free, you might feel nervous and resistant to change. While Uranus encourages you to break away from the shackles holding you back from freedom, Saturn wants to preserve tradition and uphold the rules. As these two planets crash and collide, you might feel as though you're bottling up a ton of conflicting emotions, and that's just the beginning of your February 15, 2021 weekly horoscope.

The sun also enters imaginative, spiritual, and intuitive Pisces on Feb. 18. This is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, which represents endings and a sense of completion. You may find yourself looking back in time and ruminating on what has come and gone, seeking deeper insight into your experiences. As you look through the lens of the past, you might stumble across wounds that never truly healed or moments you never truly processed. Let Pisces season help you understand what happened so you can forgive and let go. Release yourself from the grip of your ego and let it all go.

Pisces season might seem like nothing but zen and tranquility, but it begins with an edge. On Feb. 19, romantic and refined Venus will square off with primitive and passionate Mars. This energy will bring hidden tensions and frustrations in your relationships to the surface, especially if these frustrations are sexual or emotional by nature. While this aspect will likely increase your desire and your hunger, it will also increase your anger if you don't get what you want.

Praise the astrology gods, because on Feb. 20, Mercury retrograde will finally come to an end in contrarian, intellectual, and forward-thinking Aquarius. Although you will still be dealing with the post-shadow period of this retrograde for the next few weeks, you can expect some of the confusion and disarray of the last few weeks to begin to ease. Now that Mercury is direct, you might spend this week picking up the pieces of any messes that may have been caused during retrograde and regaining your balance. Give yourself time.

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You may have a goal in mind; a set of aspirations that you've spent a lot of time and energy nurturing. However, this week, you might feel frustrated by the limitations you're presented with as you continue to stick with it. Do you need to see this through to the end? Or is freedom from your situation more important for you at this time? Take your ego out of the situation. What does your spirit need?


You've worked hard to cultivate a certain image of yourself. However, there's a primal and unpredictable part of you that might not fit into that image. This week, that wildness in you will feel dangerously close to being unleashed. This doesn't have to be the end of the world. In fact, seeing this new part of you might allow other people to relate to you in a way they never have before. Don't be afraid of being human.


Your beliefs are coming into question this week. There may be situations that challenge your perspective of the world, especially if you still have emotions and thoughts you're continuing to repress. It may feel like the right move to repeat a set of beliefs until you finally believe in them. However, unless you can reconcile the secrets you're keeping within, these beliefs may ring hollow.


Sometimes, it simply ain't that deep. This week, you might feel torn between your feelings about something and the surface facts. In fact, you might pour your heart into a feeling to the point that it takes over your entire life. Being a deep feeler is a beautiful thing, but it comes with a sacrifice when you feel too much about something that's not worth your time. This week, try to embrace the facts.

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No one likes talking about it, but envy is a cornerstone of so many relationships. Even if there's plenty of love involved, there's always a chance that envy will seep through when one starts garnering quite a bit of success. Whether you're feeling that envy or someone in your life is feeling envious of you, don't let it make you feel small. Refuse to let someone else's path dictate yours in any way, shape, or form.


Your commitment to your routine and your responsibilities might overwhelm you this week. In fact, you might be tempted to throw caution to the wind and break all the rules. An open mind is what you need, but that doesn't mean you have to go completely off track. Think of how you can invite a little leeway and room for spontaneous opportunities. Life is not a set of rules to be followed.


You might be questioning how loved and appreciated you are this week. Your pride may feel wounded and you may be second-guessing whether people admire you. If you're struggling to believe in yourself, you might be driven to taking drastic measures in order to recover your sense of self. Be cautious of making impulse decisions or coming on too strong. Instead, a focus on self-care might realign your spirit.


Conflict might hit close to home this week. You might feel especially vulnerable or sensitive about certain topics, so work on creating a safe environment if these topics must be discussed. Your instinct may be to lash out aggressively, but if you can't take it, think twice before dishing it out. Expressing your emotions — which may be heavy — through art might be your saving grace this week. Harness these complex energies.

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You might experience a lot of tension at work this week. Keeping your word may be difficult if unexpected intrusions are interfering with your ongoing projects and your current routine. Challenging moments may present you with an opportunity to work on communicating more effectively. Reconsider the means by which you might express changing developments with your clients, colleagues, and superiors.


There's a reason why delayed gratification tastes so sweet and it's because the sweetness has been deprived for so long. This week, you might feel torn between your desire to maintain all your hard work and your desire to blow it all on a fun time. However, there's a way to find a balance between work and play and it isn't an "all or nothing" situation. Discover ways to treat yourself and reward yourself along the way.


The past may be catching up with you this week. If you find yourself repeating old cycles, will you make the hard decision to break away or the easy decision to maintain these patterns that you know so well? Don't be angry with yourself if you don't know how to break free just yet. After all, this is an ongoing process. It all begins with recognizing these patterns when you see it. Work on identifying them.


This week, you might feel torn between keeping your secrets and finally speaking up on them. However, this goes deeper than simply keeping your secrets. When you do open up to others, do you express the entire truth? Do you fully understand your own truth? This week, the weight of it all might put pressure on your lips. Be careful who you share your words with. Think twice before keeping secrets that need to be said.