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These Sabrina Carpenter “Skin” Video Moments Are So Much Fun To Recreate On IG

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The music video for Sabrina Carpenter's single "Skin" is here, and it's major inspo for your Instagram feed. There are so many dreamy scenes, like when Carpenter sings under a spotlight, on the top of a car in the rain, and while in the arms of her SO, who resembles Joshua Bassett — aka Carpenter's rumored partner. When the video dropped on Feb. 1, you couldn’t stop thinking about all the Sabrina Carpenter "Skin" music video moments to recreate on Instagram. Now, it’s time to get creative and start snapping.

One of the first scenes you may want to recreate is when Carpenter pensively looks out her bedroom window while it’s raining outside. It’s a very dramatic look that’s easy to stage and have someone snap for you. Or, you may prefer to capture your own version of the slow dance scene with your SO. Dress up and dance in your living room as Carpenter does with her “Skin” video co-star Gavin Leatherwood, who you likely know as Nicholas Scratch from Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Honestly, Carpenter's “Skin” music video has many Instagram ideas that will set you up for success on your feed. You can totally turn your bedroom, kitchen, or living room into the set of your new favorite music video.

To start out, choose the scene you’d like to recreate, like when Carpenter’s chilling on the couch with Leatherwood. Then, put together an outfit that resembles Carpenter's, like a button-down blouse, jeans, and white sneakers. Next, grab your bae and any necessary props, such as a journal, leafy palm, or colorful set of pillows. The last step is to turn on your self-timer, and have fun diving into the the "Skin" music video moments below.

Slow Dance With Your Partner In A Romantic Setting

Is there anything more romantic than dancing close to your SO? This is the type of content that movies and, of course, Carpenter's video, are made of. You can act out this scene that's worthy of all the heart eyes with just your partner, a leafy plant, and a warm light.

Start by turning on the light and standing right below it. Make sure that you and your partner are all dressed up and ready to smile right when the camera clicks. Position your camera in a spot where the plant covers part of the frame. Then, dance and hold each other tight.

Share A Sweet Kiss In Front Of A Full-Length Mirror

The mirror selfie gets a total glow-up in the "Skin" video when Carpenter and Leatherwood snuggle on a bed beside a mirror. If you want to Instagram a similar picture, put your camera on a tripod and angle it so it captures the reflection of you and your SO. As the camera goes off, plan to share a sweet kiss with your SO. If you want to make the pic look extra romantic, light candles and turn on eclectic lamps in the background.

Stare Out Of A Rain-Covered Window

Carpenter sings about not letting someone else ruin her happiness while staring outside. If you want to add a dramatic and artsy image to your feed, stage this scene by standing on one side of a window and have someone snap a picture from the other side. Add some rain by using an editing app like Photoshop Express.

Write In A Journal While Your Partner Reads A Book

Carpenter's video shows that even sitting on the couch with bae can be IG-worthy. During another scene in her "Skin" music video, she writes in a journal while Leatherwood reads a book.

You can pose with your SO to look exactly like this duo, or just pretend you’re Carpenter and write in your journal on a couch for a solo pic. To set the mood, be sure to light a candle, have a box of crackers open nearby, and even toss a magazine on the coffee table. This idea is meant to be super chill.

Laugh With Your Partner While Enjoying A Lavish Dinner

The next time you plan a lavish dinner with your SO, take that moment to capture the lovely scene from the "Skin" music video, where Carpenter and Leatherwood enjoy dinner and drinks. Together, the two laugh while the room around them shakes a bit. You don't have to create the shaking effect, but you can put on a cozy turtleneck and headband like Carpenter’s. You can even create your own makeshift blue room by hanging a blue sheet from your ceiling for a similar backdrop.

Cover Your Hair In Snowflakes And Add Neon Lights

Thank goodness it's winter, because the scene where snow is falling on Carpenter in bed is stunning and so worthy of your IG feed. To recreate it, grab a bit of snow from your backyard, and have your roommate sprinkle it over you while you're in bed. Have them snap the picture as the snow falls. To make the vibes of this photo particularly cool, set up a neon light to shine on your hair for a bright and saturated glow.

Relax In Bed Next To Your Partner

Relaxing in bed next to your partner just might be your favorite thing to do. Position a camera from above to snag this shot for your feed. Place your heads on colorful pillows, and be sure to gaze into each other's eyes. Getting dressed up isn't a requirement, but it would definitely help your picture to look more like this scene from Carpenter’s "Skin" video.

Sit On The Hood Of Your Car

It's time for your car to have its Instagram debut, and what better way to bring it onto the feed than with a "Skin"-inspired post? All you have to do is snap a quick selfie while sitting on the hood of your car, which can be parked in the driveway or in your garage. As the camera goes off, channel your best Carpenter expression from the video.

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