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28 Captions For Pisces That’ll Make A Total Splash On Your Instagram Feed

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You can always see the most beautiful parts of life, Pisces, because you are sensitive and caring in all the best ways. Your friends probably call you a dreamer, because you regularly romanticize how milk looks when it's poured into a cup of coffee, the aroma of a fresh page of your journal, or the way a wave crashes on the sand. You're very intuitive and inspired by the world around you, which is common for your water sign. Regardless of what picture you post, using one of these Instagram captions for Pisces will make a total splash on your feed.

Posting a selfie with a fresh cosmic makeup look and captioning it with, "Dreaming of life on another planet," will showcase how imaginative you are. In fact, you may inspire your followers to start dreaming a bit more themselves of producing artsy Instagram content. Your content will always remain the best, though, when it's paired with one of these Instagram captions for Pisces.

All of these captions have such a Pisces vibe. You can add any one of them to a photo you take while cuddling in bed, reading a romantic book, or sitting in a chic chair. Wherever your photo creativity takes you, start snapping, then read through the captions for Pisces below. Pick one that speaks to your imaginative soul, and post away.

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1. "Now, what would a Pisces do?"

2. "Romanticize every little bit of your life."

3. "Dreaming of life on another planet."

4. "My love language is snuggling and slow songs."

5. "Be proud of yourself for how hard you're trying."

6. "Virtually hanging out with my Pisces pals."

7. "My potential is endless, but so is my love for my bed."

8. "I have the soul of an introvert and a Pisces."

9. "These are the chill nights at home I live for."

10. "Now accepting new playlists to listen to."

11. "Believe in something bigger than yourself."

12. "I'd give you the entire universe if I could."

13. "The queen of second chances has arrived."

14. "Making splashes."

15. "Make yourself a priority."

16. "It's Pisces season, so I'm feeling artsy."

17. "The word 'beautiful' means whatever I want it to mean."

18. "This water sign is missing summer and late night dips."

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19. "Don't forget to treat people with kindness."

20. "There is no such thing as caring too much."

21. "All cozied up, and nowhere to go. Thank goodness."

22. "Dream with me, will you?"

23. "I like it here in Pisces Land."

24. "Taking all my cues from Jupiter and Neptune."

25. "You're stronger than you give yourself credit for."

26. "Just thinking, how about you?"

27. "Going with the flow."

28. "Expect nothing and appreciate everything."

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