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34 Insta Captions For Aquarius & Expressing Yourself On The 'Gram

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You've never really had trouble expressing yourself, Aquarius. Whether it's through an outfit, playlist, or cute graphic on Instagram, people are always able to get a good read on you and what you stand for. Your vibe is strong and you stick close to it, just like your BFF since high school. Let these Instagram captions for Aquarius continue to put your personality out in the world and introduce your love for life.

Next to a Sagittarius, you really are the most fun-loving zodiac sign. You're always up for planning a virtual hangout with your friends and are usually the one to come with the games and hottest Bachelor gossip. Most days, you're the first one to send a text in the group chat, asking everyone what they're up to or what TV show they're going to watch that evening.

On the contrary, you tend to be pretty quiet around people you don't know. During Zoom meetings, you might not raise your hand often and simply opt to pay attention, sip a coffee, and stay on mute. Listening is one of your strongest skills, and you likely take pride in being the type of friend who all of your friends want to talk to. Being a perfect listener has also made you super intuitive. You follow your gut reactions and your heart's strongest desires. That's likely why, Aquarius, you're able to express yourself like no other. Keep doing what you do best and show the world what you're all about with these Instagram captions for Aquarius.

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1. "Can't talk right now, I'm doing Aquarius things."

2. "First they're shy, then they're so chatty."

3. "Does this outfit tell you that I'm an Aquarius?"

4. "Every day is a chance to grow."

5. "Make your dreams happen."

6. "Don't be the only one standing in your way."

7. "My love language is playlists and pretty views."

8. "It's fairly obvious that I'm an Aquarius, huh?"

9. "These are the days off I live for."

10. "Now accepting coffee and virtual happy hour plans."

11. "Life happens. Being an Aquarius helps."

12. "They gave me lemons, but I didn't want lemonade."

13. "You should just go for it."

14. "I won't share my feelings, but I will always listen to yours."

15. "From now on, just assume I'm in."

16. "Whatever sprinkles your doughnuts."

17. "I've been dreaming of a place like this."

18. "Always go with your gut reaction."

19. "Advice from an Aquarius: Do your own thing."

20. "If you don't have an Aquarius friend yet, I'll happily be yours."

21. "Following the crowd isn't really my thing."

22. "No worries, just vibes."

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23. "Chill people are my kinda people."

24. "A social butterfly."

25. "Always going from one adventure to the next."

26. "I'm listening."

27. "If an Aquarius was a day of the week, they'd be a Saturday."

28. "Pinky promise you'll dream big with me?"

29. "Getting into good trouble."

30. "We have to lift each other up."

31. "Be a nice human."

32. "Vibing and thriving."

33. "100% thinking about a playlist I want to make."

34. "Keep doing you, babe."