3 Zodiac Signs Who'll Give You Their Undivided Attention As Your Partner

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Maybe you don't mind a partner who cares more about the big picture than all the tiny details; someone with a big heart, but who isn't going to pay that much attention to the little things when they've got a million and one tasks to get through. If you want to date someone who's going to give you their undivided attention 24/7, look out for the zodiac signs who make the most attentive partners. Some signs are head and shoulders above the others. No shade, but if you're dating a Sagittarius, attention to detail (at least to anything that's not a philosophical argument or an elaborate vacation plan out of the country) should be the last thing you expect from your partner.

Likewise, the devil-may-care attitude of an Aries partner means they're probably not the best match for you if you want to date someone who's going to make your feelings their priority. All the passion and ardor you could want is present in a Pisces partner, but their head is so often in the clouds, that it's hard for them to be consistent when showing the depths of their devotion. If you're astrology-minded and looking for a partner who's caring, conscientious, and dependable, these are the three signs that tend to get it just right.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

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Saying that Taurus is dedicated is an understatement. Sure, they can be just as stubborn as Aries, but unlike the fire sign, earth-sign Taurus knows how to step back and pick their battles. They know when to stop talking, start listening, and make sure their significant other's needs are being met. Since they're also constantly on their grind, Taurus isn't afraid to put work into a relationship. Their attentiveness manifests as monthly relationship check-ins over coffee, or sharing you on their Google Calendar so there's no miscommunication. They want to make sure you function smoothly as a unit.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22)

Libra has a reputation for loving love. While that means they have a tendency to get swept up in romance, it also means they'll do everything they can to protect your relationship. You notice their attentiveness when they're constantly doting on you and making sure you're OK. If you're not, they'll whatever they can to make you feel better — whether that's gassing you up to splurge on a cute outfit, or planning a self-care day for you.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)

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Some Scorpios have an affinity for mind-games, but that's only because they're terrified of getting hurt. When they find a romantic partner they're really into and feel like they can trust, they're the most loyal. That being said, your Scorpio bae will always work hard to build more trust between you. They'll understand that you're a safe person to confide in and will work to be the same for you. They want you to know your secrets are safe with them — and they truly are.

While it may feel too intense or stifling for some people, having a partner who gives your their undivided attention has its perks. If you're into lovers who relish being present, are super mindful of your needs, and are endlessly thoughtful, Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio are your best bets.

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