5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Bored In Relationships

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As is the case with all signs, the traits you love about them are also the traits that make you want to fight them. The zodiac signs who get bored in relationships are no exception. Sometimes, the wanderlust, varied interests, and flair for the dramatic of these five signs are super sexy. Other times, their flightiness and the fact that they're so quick to get bored are frustrating and tiring for their partners.

If you're dating one of the five signs below, don't panic. Chances are your beloved is with you for a few reasons, and that will always keep them coming back to you. However, there are little things you can pick up on, based on their sun sign (their main sign) and their Venus sign (their love one), too. If you are one of the five signs below who gets bored with your relationships, know that romantic/sexual companionship isn't off the table. You also will just have to keep an eye out on your tricky, astrological nature.

With help from Elaine Dawn's book, Love Signs: Your Perfect Match Is in the Stars, here's a breakdown of which signs tend to get bored in relationships and why.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 23)

Signified by the lion, Leos are all about bravado and praise. As Dawn puts it, they are "dynamic, theatrical, and passionate," and "[love] to bask in the spotlight." And likewise, apart from someone who is equally creative, they're looking for a partner to praise them. If you're not also leaning into your dramatic (or at least, co-signing theirs), a Leo 10/10 will tune out of your relationship.

Solution: Get a Leo to tune back in by helping them find a healthy outlet for that "theatrical" side — and genuinely revel in it with them. Leos tend to foster platonic and romantic relationships that are "artistically inspired," Dawn wrote. Book a paint-and-sip class for date night or bring them to a karaoke bar.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)

If an absence of drama brings a Leo's desire to a stand still, it's a lack of mind-games that will bore a Scorpio lover. "Evolution is essential for Scorpio, who uses metamorphosis — moving between different types of philosophies, aesthetics, and artistic passions — as a tool for emotional and psychic expansion," Dawn wrote. That's to say: A Scorpio's wheels are constantly turning.

Solution: Keep passing the tests. If you're interested in keeping the romantic attention of a Scorpio, Dawn wrote, "you'll have to be quick to keep up with [them]... If you can successfully get through Scorpio's examination process, [they] will finally be ready to develop a soul connection." Don't put up with B.S. from someone just because they're a Scorpio. But bringing something new and intellectually (or emotionally) exciting to the table is for sure a way to keep a Scorpio interested.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 22)

If there's any sign that has a rep for being anti-authoritarian and loose on the rules, it's Sagittarius. Symbolized by an arrow hurtling through the air, their number one passion tends to be traveling and exploring, of all kinds. "As the astrological archer, Sagittarius desires mental, philosophical, and spiritual expansion," Dawn explained. "And a lot of fun on the way." You'll know a Sagittarian is bored because they've gone off-grid. But instead of flying below the radar at home, they've probs flown to Mexico for some real adventure and just didn't tell you.

Solution: Plan a vacation or staycation where a Sag can both show off their daring side (say, via bungee-jumping or wind-surfing) and learn a little, too (hello walking food tour).

Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18)
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Described by Dawn as "rebellious" and "eccentric," Aquarians are the revolutionaries of the zodiac. "Opinionated" and "virtuous," Aquarians have "unusual ways of connecting with the world." They're looking for partners who are forward-and have big dreams about society, too. If you're engaging in a lot of small talk and aren't also interested in the larger-than-life questions, it's a wrap for an Aquarius' attention span.

Solution: Take part in an Aquarian's lust for innovation or exchange of fresh ideas. Bring them to a panel on a political issue you're both interested in, or make them swoon by reading your favorite school essays unpacking social issues.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

And last but not least is the chattiest, breeziest of air signs, Gemini. They're the sign that can "seamlessly move between friend groups, happy hours, and dance floors," Dawn wrote. Part of it is their charm. Part of it is because Geminis thrive on attention. Because of this, a Gemini is likely to get bored with relationships because they're constantly weighing all their options — and aren't shy about saying it. Likewise, Dawn explained, "There's nothing a Gemini despises more than boredom, which is why the celestial twin is so busy all of the time."

Solution: A perfect outing would be one where a Gemini could feel loved, aka the center of your attention, but also socially stimulated, aka the center of others' attention. A surprise house party with games or a group outing to the barcade to celebrate a Gemini's latest accomplishment will do just the trick.

Star aside, if you or your partner do feel bored in relationship, know that you aren't doomed. Clinical psychologist Dr. Binita Amin told Elite Daily, "Relationships are like a garden that requires consistent nurturing. What may have worked early on may need revising and updating from time to time. Avoid complacency." And besides, the sooner you can acknowledge boredom, the sooner you can address it. Finding ways to spice things up and make your relationship less boring (and suited to you and your partner's signs) can make a world of difference.

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