The Myers-Briggs personality types who want their partner’s full attention  tend to be, but aren't a...
3 Personality Types Who Want Their Partner’s Full Attention


Quick show of hands: How many of you crave one-on-one time where you have your partner's complete, undivided attention? To some people, quality time might not be that important, but to others, it’s a relationship must-have. Ultimately, the Myers-Briggs personality types who want their partner’s full attention are all about quality time. Seeing that their partner is totally focused on them not only makes them feel loved, but also heard and appreciated.

There's definitely nothing wrong with that — as long as their partner is able to fulfill those needs. It may sound obvious to say that extroverts might be more likely to fall under this category, since they're generally energized by being around other people, whereas introverts tend to need a tad more alone time. That said, there are certain introverted types who crave their partner's full attention, too. They may not need to be around their significant others quite as often, but when they are together, they want to feel like their SO is 100% focused on them.

Knowing which personalities want their partner's full attention can be helpful because it can offer insight into which types you're most compatible with, as well as how to better meet their expectations. Show these types you're totally present when you're with them, and you'll win their hearts in no time.


If there's one phrase that sums up this personality type's attitude toward life, it's this: "All the world's a stage." True to their nickname — the Entertainer — the ESFP doesn't shy away from the spotlight. In fact, they relish being the center of attention.

ESFPs are also incredibly generous with their love, time, and energy, and they expect their partners to shower them with the same level of TLC. Ultimately, they just want to feel like a top priority in their significant other's life, and if they feel pushed aside or ignored, they may quickly move on. So, if there's one surefire way to annoy them, it's whipping out your phone and scrolling through IG while you're hanging with them (also known as "phubbing").

Nothing brings the ESFP more joy than spending time with loved ones, and that's especially true for their romantic partner. Since they're typically super witty and passionate, they never run out of things to talk about. It's worth noting that this personality type also craves excitement and spontaneity, and can get bored easily. So, in addition to wanting their partner's full attention, they also might need to infuse a continual sense of novelty into their dating life. That means they'll probably be eager to constantly try new things with their partner, and you'll never catch them having the same conversation twice.

These bold, emotionally-driven adventurers are always on a quest for new experiences, and they love sharing those experiences with their special someone — as long as they feel like they have their undivided attention, that is.


You'll be hard-pressed to find a personality type more dedicated than the INFP. When someone (or something) captures the Mediator's attention, they're more than willing to pour all their time and energy into it, and that definitely applies to their relationships. As giving and selfless as they may seem, however, they also crave that same dedication from their partners. Their innate introverted nature means they're likely to feel drained if they're spread too thin, but that doesn't mean they don't want quality time with their partner. The difference between the INFP and their extroverted counterpart is that they prefer to spend their time one-on-one rather than in large social situations. When they're alone with their SO, they can fully be themselves, and engage in the kinds of deep, thoughtful conversations that are truly fulfilling to them.

The best way to make an INFP feel special is to put in extra effort to get to know them by taking an interest in their hobbies and passions, and to look for new ways to bond with them through activities you can participate in together. This personality type definitely doesn't want the attention of everyone — in fact, that would make them uncomfortable. They just want to feel the full focus of that one special person in their life.


If you're dating an ESFJ, know this: There's honestly nothing they wouldn't do for you. These energetic, compassionate, and conscientious helpers are always aware of your needs and feel a strong sense of dedication and duty to fulfill them. You can expect them to take on your problems as if they were their own, remember special dates, and shower you with love with sweet gestures and verbal encouragement. But they also crave a little recognition for their efforts, as they want to know all their help is noticed and valued. ESFJs have a strong desire to feel acknowledged and valued, especially by their partners.

The Consul places a high value on loyalty, and since they make their loved ones a top priority, they can only hope that their significant other does the same. Part of the reason why they expect their partners to give them their undivided attention is because they're excellent listeners themselves. So, you can rest assured there will always be some give-and-take when you're spending quality time with them. They'll be equally interested in what you have to say.