These Signs Make The Best Couples, So Start Searching For Your Match

by Rosey Baker
Bonninn Studio

There's a lot of advice out there on the internet about compatibility in the zodiac, as if there was some magically perfect person out there for each of us.

Every relationship comes with its challenges — unless both parties have worked out all of their issues independently, are completely enlightened, and just want someone to chill and levitate with for the rest of their lives.

But as far as what the sun signs in astrology can tell us about the potential of a relationship, these sign combos are some of the best combinations in the zodiac.

Remember that compatibility has to do with a lot more than sun signs. Sun signs are a small indication, and there are variables in your chart that could draw different signs toward you.

For instance, having an Aries stellium in your chart might attract people with their sun in Aries or with an Aries rising sign. Having your moon in Cancer might attract people with their sun in Cancer, and so on.

Cancer and Taurus


Cancer and Taurus are both very private signs, and a relationship between the two of them isn't likely to be broadcast to the world. They both take comfort in their home environment, and will put a lot of love and effort into creating a haven for them both to retreat into.

Cancers show affection through nourishing and mothering their loved ones. They're gifted cooks and bakers, and Taurus loves to eat, so the Cancer person will probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen nourishing their Taurus.

This relationship is an easy, kind, quiet, and compassionate one.

Pisces and Scorpio

Forget about that easy, quiet love between Cancer and Taurus. Pisces and Scorpio have a stormy, up-and-down relationship that goes all over the emotional map.

There is no way these two could avoid revealing everything about themselves to each other. The chemistry between them forces them to open their hearts in ways they can avoid with other signs. They have an almost psychic understanding of the other person.

There is rarely a Pisces-Scorpio relationship that isn't marked by sexual chemistry they'll both think about for the rest of their lives. It's often the reason this relationship often suffers from such stormy ups and downs, and on-again, off-again patterns.

But once these signs accept the fact that they're meant for one another, nothing could possibly tear them apart.

Sagittarius and Aquarius


Sagittarius is all about adventure, foreign travel, and expanded learning, while Aquarius is about independence and curiosity. These two signs have the kind of love that allows each other the freedom to be themselves, and could serve as the perfect example of what real love can be when you just accept someone for who they are.

Sagittarius could travel a lot, and Aquarius is perfectly happy working at home by themselves; Sagittarius is all about foreign enterprise while Aquarius is focused on humanitarian efforts.

Their tastes may differ, but they are bound in their love for each other. They are best friends, and the type of couple who will go to the movies together and unable to decide on one, they'll both go see their own -- and that's perfect for them.

Leo and Gemini

Gemini brings the ideas, and Leo adds the energy and creativity necessary to bring those into form. These two have a talkative, energetic, sexually creative relationship with one another.

Because they both tend to focus on satisfying their own needs and getting those met first, they may both need to focus on meeting the challenge of communicating with each other regularly, but as long as the love is there (and it usually is) they'll both be willing to go out of their way to meet their partner's needs.

Most of all, this relationship is marked by laughter. Even if the relationship doesn't make it through the long haul, they'll strive to remain friends; it's hard to let go of someone who makes you laugh so hard.

Virgo and Capricorn

This is a relationship that's all about stability. Capricorn is the CEO of the zodiac, and Virgo is a sign that is most comfortable being of service. These two will build and sustain their relationship the same way a successful company is built.

They may even take inventory of the relationship the same way, maintaining an attitude about sex and affection the way a company does about maintaining its schedule of events -- although behind bedroom doors, they're anything but professional.

Aries and Libra


Aries and Libra fall completely opposite to one another on the zodiac chart, and have much to learn from each other. This relationship will feel like two puzzle pieces finally finding someone to fit with them.

Aries are the sign of the self and the ego, and Libra is the sign of partnership, justice, and equality. Libra will teach Aries how to compromise, and Aries will teach Libra how to put themselves first every once in awhile.

These two will learn more about themselves through being with each other than they ever could with anyone else, as their relationship serves as a mirror about the ways they can grow.