These Myers-Briggs personality types make great FaceTime dates.
3 Personality Types Who Positively Crush FaceTime Dates


If you’ve been on a FaceTime date, you’re well aware that while it’s the closest you can get to an in-person hang, it’s an entirely *unique* experience. You have all kinds of special considerations to make, like setting the right mood in your environment, figuring out when to end the call, and finding ways to flirt when you’re not in the same physical space together. Some people struggle under these circumstances, while others just naturally excel at it. So, which Myers-Briggs personality types make great FaceTime dates? You might be surprised to discover that they only share one trait in common.

It's easy to assume that extroverts have a leg up on a FaceTime dates because they become energized from being around others. That said, sometimes energy simply doesn’t translate when you’re not in the same room with someone, so introverts can easily be just as engaging during a virtual chat. The one preference that does seem to come into play here is Feeling. Feelers tend to be more inclined to openly share their thoughts and feelings, as well as more in tune with their date’s state of mind, which can obviously come in handy when you’re seeking to spark a love connection.

There's no denying that FaceTime dates come with their own challenges — like potential connectivity issues or other technical difficulties — but if you can hop on a call with one of the following personality types, you're in good hands.


The Adventurer isn't exactly a phenomenal planner (blame it on their Perceiving preference), so they’re far more likely to hop on an impromptu FaceTime call then pencil one in a week in advance. However, what they lack in planning skills they more than make up for with infectious, low-key enthusiasm. One thing you can bet on is that an ISFP will never run out of things to do or say on your FaceTime date.

This easygoing personality type definitely knows how to relax and enjoy the moment, which allows them to remain fully present on FaceTime dates. Not only that, but they’re also super curious by nature, so they’ll likely ask you lots of questions to keep the conversation rolling. The ISFP is not only hyper-aware of others’ emotions but also has a knack for relating to others and finding common ground.

One of the ISFP’s greatest strengths is their creativity, and it allows them to spice up their FaceTime dates in fun and exciting ways. Since they bond with people through exploration and discovery, you can expect them to come up with truly memorable and engaging virtual date ideas, like taking a tour of a museum or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.


Nothing makes the ENFP feel more alive than making social and emotional connections with others. Adaptable, energetic, and charming AF, The Campaigner is a people person through and through — and that, in a nutshell, is why they shine on FaceTime dates.

When an ENFP starts discussing something they’re passionate about, whether it’s a documentary they just saw or a new creative hobby they took on, they ooze an undeniably infectious enthusiasm. Both curious and observant, they’re quick to infer deeper meaning and make connections between ideas, which enables them to keep the conversation flowing and evolving with ease. Their humor, wit, and masterful storytelling capabilities definitely don’t hurt, either.

Campaigners are totally capable of having small talk, but they’d much rather go deep and discuss your dreams or find out what makes you tick. If a certain topic is making their date uncomfortable, or just falling flat, they have a talent for steering the convo to a different subject in a way that feels totally natural. Best of all, the positive vibes they bring to the table are downright contagious, meaning you’re bound to leave the FaceTime date feeling uplifted and encouraged.


The first thing you’ll notice about an ENFJ is likely that they radiate warmth and charisma — but their real superpower lies in their perceptiveness. The Protagonist knows how to capture and keep a date’s attention, even over FaceTime, because they can instantly pick up on the other person’s feelings, mood, and interests, and then easily shift their tone and approach accordingly. This emotional barometer is pretty amazing, and it allows them to take the lead on a conversation if their date is a tad more reserved or shy. If you feel awk, you can count on the ENFJ to redirect your discussion, thus expertly inspiring you to open up.

The friendly and compassionate ENFJ is also an excellent listener, which means they’ll remember small details you tell them about yourself (and use those tidbits to win you over on the next date).

BTW, thanks to their Judging preference, the ENFJ is adept at making a plan in advance, and they’re also super reliable — so you know if they commit to a FaceTime call at a particular time, they won’t flake out on you.