These Myers-Briggs personality types love taking care of their partner.

3 Nurturing Personality Types Who Love Taking Care Of Their Partners


A relationship is an ongoing exercise in give and take — sometimes, when one partner's life has become a bumpy ride on the struggle bus, the other one has to step up and lend some support, encouragement, and an abundance of hugs to get them through. Some people thrive in this role because they're simply nurturing by nature. Those Myers-Briggs personality types who love taking care of their partners seem to get some kind of fulfillment and joy from tending to others' needs.

It may come as no surprise that the personality types who are most likely to fall under this category are Intuitive Feelers (NF). This unique combination of traits gives them a sort of empath superpower — an ability to ability to intuit others' feelings and then adjust their actions and responses accordingly. In fact, Intuitive Feelers often know how their partner is feeling before they can even express it themselves. This special talent makes these types spectacular caretakers because it enables them to ease their partner's troubles without them ever having to ask for help. Take the INFP, for example: The Mediator is not only generous in showering their SO with affection but also uses creativity to interpret and meet their needs.

There are so many ways in which someone can take care of their partner, and each of the following personality types has their own strengths to bring to the table. Some are always there to listen and offer words of affirmation, while others are constantly doing small practical gestures to make their life easier. Regardless, you can bet on one thing: These personality types will always go the extra mile to make you feel safe, supported, and oh so loved.


There’s a good reason why this type is known as The Consul, or The Supporter: These ultra dependable individuals are not only excellent at interpreting what others are feeling, and listening with the utmost empathy, but are also generous with their time, energy, and love. In other words, they’re legit natural-born caretakers.

ESFJs take their commitments seriously, and they’re also super service-oriented, which explains why you can often find them volunteering or getting involved in charity events. In fact, according to Isabella Briggs Myers’ MBTI Manual, ESFJs often pursue careers in education and healthcare, where they can leverage their penchant for helping others.

The ESFJ’s primary function is Extraverted Feeling, which means that their decisions are driven by considering the emotions and needs of others. So, if they sense that you’re worn out from work and overwhelmed, they might step in and cook you a few meals to have on hand. Or, if they know you’re not feeling well, they likely won't hesitate to cancel their plans and swing by with some essentials from the pharmacy. When you need a sounding board, they'll happily listen to you vent and offer some much-needed validation.

The bottom line? ESFJs are givers, through and through — which can definitely come in handy when you’re stressed, or if your love language happens to be acts of service.


Warm-hearted, sensitive, and altruistic, ENFJs take an immense interest in their partner's struggles. In fact, sometimes they can become too involved in trying to solve their problems, and need to be careful not to overextend themselves and neglect their own needs.

On the whole, however, this is what makes The Protagonist such a phenomenal partner. They are continually on a quest to inspire their SO be the best that they can possibly be, whether that means supporting them through a career change, helping them to study for an exam, or giving them some much-needed motivation as a workout buddy. Like with ESFJs, their Extraverted Feeling function enables them to be super in tune with their partner's feelings, so don't be surprised if they just know you need a fun, healthy distraction from work or a night by yourself before you even say so.

One thing to keep in mind with an ENFJ is that their happiness depends on your happiness — and luckily for you, they're willing to go to great lengths to put a smile on your face.


On personality trait scales, INFJs score as extremely sympathetic and patient, according to Isabella Briggs Myers’ MBTI Manual. So, it makes sense why this type might instinctively love taking care of their partner.

The Advocate is both idealistic and perfectionistic, and helping others isn't just something they enjoy — it's their perceived purpose in life. Since they thrive on connecting with others and making their lives easier, they often do well as counselors and life coaches. So, if you're dating an INFJ, you can assume they'll always be more than willing to offer practical guidance or emotional support, no matter what you're going through. INFJs also have incredibly active imaginations and they'll leverage that innate creativity by helping you in unique and surprising ways when you least expect it.

While the INFJ may be a tad reserved when it comes to sharing their own feelings, needs and desires, they have no trouble getting a read on yours — and once they do, they'll stop at nothing to ensure you feel seen, heard, and loved.