The Rose family from 'Schitt's Creek' stand on their staircase, dressed for a formal holiday party.

25 'Schitt's Creek' Holiday Captions To Use When, Bébé, It's Cold Outside


Other than your own, there's one family you'd love to spend the holidays with and that's the Rose family from Schitt's Creek. Despite the bickering and humorous jabs at one another, it's clear that this crew loves each other deeply. They also know how to throw an awesome Christmas party if you remember the episode "Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose" from Season 4. Not only is this holiday special full of LOL-worthy moments, but also Schitt's Creek quotes for holiday captions of your very own family photos and festivities at home.

In the episode, Johnny wants to celebrate the season with a Rose family holiday party like they used to. However, things are a little different now that they're in Schitt's Creek. Since this may be your first holiday season where you're not traveling back home, you may be in a similar boat. You still want this to be the best Christmas ever, so keep all your old traditions and make some new ones wherever you are.

Plan a holiday roomie night, where you watch all the best Christmas episodes of your favorite TV shows. Don't forget to set out a festive hot chocolate charcuterie board. Wear some seasonal sweaters that David Rose would love. You can even dance around a little bit Alexis-like to some holiday jams, and exchange Schitt's Creek-inspired gifts. Snap some candid photos and smiling selfies along the way, and post those with any of these 25 Schitt's Creek quotes that fit your vibe.


1. "You are my most cherished friend." — Moira

2. "Christmas Eve. Wake me when it's over." — Moira

3. "Outta bed, it's Christmas Eve, and this year we will be celebrating the holiday!" — Johnny

4. "No, I refuse to turn off the light on Christmas again, this year." — Johnny

5. "Well, I say we throw a party." — Johnny

6. "Okay, you know today is Christmas Eve, right, and maybe people don't wanna spend it like, caroling in front of Mom's wig wall?" — Alexis

7. "I can't think of a more festive way to spend Christmas Eve than all of us pitching in." — Johnny

8. "OK, what about the gift situation then? Because everything on my list requires pre-order." — David

9. "Do I not get a Merry Christmas? Or... " — David

10. "I have my own holiday tradition. It's like the 12 days of Christmas, but it's one day with 12 bottles of wine." — Stevie

11. "Wow. So, what time is the Ghost of Christmas Past coming to visit you tonight?" — Stevie

12. "Look at you in that flouncy apron, you little Christmas Elf!" — Alexis


13. "Well, I did get up at the Kraków dawn, so that 'Alexis' could bake these cookies." — Ted

14. "All I can think about is the 22-foot Norwegian Pine we once had." — Moira

15. "Now that was festive." — Moira

16. "What you're smelling is actually our holiday-scented car ornaments." — Ray

17. "Ah, see, the Christmas spirit is all around us." — Johnny

18. "Perhaps a Christmas gourd." — Moira

19. "I opened red, I hope that's OK with everyone?" — Stevie

20. "Do you know what I think might put this jolly trolley back on track? The release of the tree." — Moira

21. "I, for one, find it charming, in, sort of, a war-torn sort of way." — David

22. "Surely the dentures have been dropped in the glass by now. Can't we spare one carol here, before we go?" — Moira

22. "What? It's just nice. Nothing's happening." — Stevie

23. "Stickers... of old men." — Alexis

24. "OK, OK, let's just smile and say thank you." — Moira

25. "I was worried about this menorah being so close to the garland. Last thing we want is to have the motel burn down." — Johnny