Alexis (Annie Murphy) wears gold hoods and a red sundress in 'Schitt's Creek.'

These 'Schitt's Creek'-Inspired Gifts Are A Whole Lot Of Alexis


The world needs a little bit more Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek. The socialite who always has an unbelievable story to tell is a beloved character in the Emmy-winning series, and it's not hard to see why. She coined the most iconic line from the series, "Ew, David," and gave us the gift of "A Little Bit Alexis" to sing and dance to. So, it just makes sense that you would want to give your friend some Schitt's Creek Alexis-inspired gifts this holiday season.

Since you've probably watched and rewatched the series over and over again on Netflix, you know all the best Alexis scenes. You also know that a generic Schitt's Creek tee might not be enough for a hardcore fan of the show. It's time to be inspired by Alexis and think outside the box for what present you're going to put inside. Get a mug with one of her other iconic lines on it for your friend to sip their holiday hot chocolate out of. Or, be inspired by Alexis' bohemian chic fashion sense, and get your stylish bestie a cute hat or overside headband.

There are even some homemade Alexis items on Etsy that feel one-of-a-kind. Just don't forget to add a holiday Schitt's Creek card alongside your Alexis-themed gift. A heartfelt message always adds just "a little bit" extra holiday cheer to any gift.

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An "Ew, David" Sweater

It was Alexis who gave us the "Ew, David" line that is so quotable from the series. Your friend may love that line so much that they say it often. Give them a cute and cozy sweater with "Ew, David" ($29, Etsy) on the front so not only will they say it, but they can wear it as well.

A Rose Apothecary Lip Balm

Fans of the show will love this Beekman 1802 x Schitt's Creek collab that features some products from David and Patrick's Rose Apothecary store. If Alexis was shopping, she would probably pick up this tinted lip balm ($8, Beekman 1802). It has a delicious "Heirloom Rose" scent and pink floral tint that will make all your bestie's selfies pop.

An Alexis Mantra Mug

Another one of Alexis' iconic sayings from the show is "I love this journey for me." Well, now you can love this journey for your bestie by getting them an "I love this journey for you" mug ($19, Always Fits). It features a cute drawing of Alexis, and can be paired with their fave coffee.

A Stylish Hat

Alexis can be seen wearing stylish hats throughout the series. She is the queen of the boho chic lewk, so get your fashionable friend a similar hat to wear. The bigger the hat, the more Alexis it is, but if you're looking for something your friend can wear all the time, this brown hat ($36, Jane) is a great choice.

A Velvet Dress That's "A Little Bit Alexis"

Make sure your friend has everything they need to recreate the "A Little Bit Alexis" audition scene from the show by giving them a velvet dress like Alexis'. In the show, she wears a crushed velvet long-sleeve dress with knee-high boots. This velvet smock dress ($22, ASOS) is very similar to Alexis' pink velvet dress in the show.

A Knotted Headband

Another one of Alexis' most used accessories is a knotted headband. It has the same boho chic feel as her sun hats, but makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the Alexis in your life.

This headband ($18, Anthropologie) comes in a variety of colors to choose from like dark green and orange. Your bestie can rock it Zoom happy hours or when they're simply chillin' and listening to music.

A Tamagotchi

Alexis had a hard time keeping David's Tamagotchi alive. So, in the spirit of redeeming things for Alexis, get your friend their own Tamagotchi ($25, Urban Outfitters).

A Desk Bike

Mutt got Alexis a bike in the show, and she was not happy about it. Luckily, she ended up using it to teach David how to ride a bike, and that gave us a truly hilarious scene to LOL at.

Instead of giving your friend or family member a regular bike, give them under desk bike pedals ($20, Amazon) they'll get a ton of use out of while working from home. Now, they can even exercise while watching Schitt's Creek episodes.

A Rose Apothecary Body Cream

When Alexis goes to help out David at the store, she samples some hand cream instead of moving it. With how heavy the box is, that's totally understandable. Get your friend a relaxing Rose Apothecary lotion ($8, Etsy) they can sample as much as they'd like at home without David yelling at them.

An "Ew, David" Candle

Give the gift of relaxation with a little bit of "Ew, David." This Schitt's Creek candle ($6, Etsy) is perfect for nights when all your friend wants to do is Netflix and chill at home. They can light their "Ew, David" candle in a scent you pick out for them, like raspberry margarita or peppermint mocha, while rewatching their favorite Alexis moments.