David and Moira Rose sing in front of a silver foil curtain on 'Schitt's Creek.'
These 'Schitt's Creek' Birthday Cards On Etsy Are Perfect For Every Fan


Someone you love has a birthday coming up, so it’s time to crack open a bottle of Herb Ertlinger fruit wine to celebrate. To make sure your special someone feels like the Schitt on their big day, you'll want to send them one of these Schitt's Creek birthday cards from Etsy. These cards feature some of the most iconic lines from the hilarious Netflix series, so you know your Schitt's Creek-obsessed bestie or partner will love to receive one.

If you want to remind your SO that they're "simply the best," a super sweet David and Patrick card will do the trick. Or, if you want to make your friend chuckle, opt for a card that references David and Moira’s “fold in the cheese” fiasco. Some of these Schitt's Creek birthday cards even include the option to add your own personalized message, so you can order it with a heartfelt note or one of your favorite Schitt's Creek jokes inside.

Once you have the perfect Schitt's Creek birthday card picked out, sign it and send your very "best wishes" and "warmest regards" to your special someone for another great year around the sun. You’ll surely make the birthday bébé’s entire day.

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This Rose Family Card Is The Schitt

If you're not sure which member of the Rose family is your friend's fave, send them all four. This card has a super cute drawing of Alexis, Moira, Johnny, and David on the front with the greeting, "Hope your birthday is the Schitt." It's punny and wonderful. What more could any fan ask for?

This Card Is For The Birthday Bébé

Surprise the birthday bébé with a fun card that features Moira rocking a party hat on the front. Inside, you can let your loved one know that it's their birthday and they're your special bébé.

This "Ew, David" Card Is Iconic

Out of all the quotable lines in the series, "Ew, David" is by far one of the most popular. You find yourself saying, "Ew, David," many times when talking to your BFF, so it makes perfect sense that you'd want to give them a card that says it, too.

This Card Is Super Cheesy

If your friend still thinks David and Moira's "fold in the cheese" scene is the funniest moment in TV history, you've got to get them this card. Of course, it references the scene with a cute drawing of cheese on the front.

This Card Is So Alexis

Have this Alexis card personalized with your friend's name on the front. It will seem as though Alexis is saying, "Yay," to your bestie as she always does to David.

This Moira Card Is Wine-derful

Just try reading this birthday card out loud. It has Moira's lines from the Herb Ertlinger commercial on the front that Moira herself had a hard time reciting. Honestly, kudos to her for trying.

This Card Will Send So Many Good Wishes

Send your "best wishes" and "warmest regards" to your bestie on their birthday. Not only is this card adorable, but it's blank on the inside and ready for any inside jokes you'd like to write.

This Alexis-Themed Card Is All About The Journey

Another year means another journey for your bestie. Give them this Alexis-themed card that references one of Alexis's more iconic lines and has a cute drawing of her performing "A Little Bit Alexis" while rocking a birthday hat.

This Sweet Card Is "Simply The Best"

If you'd like to send someone special a heartfelt birthday wish, this David and Patrick card is a great choice. It says, "You're simply the best," which honestly sums up your feelings.

This Card Is "A Little Bit Alexis"

This "A Little Bit Alexis" card will seriously make your friend LOL. It's a perfect choice for anyone who loves everything about Alexis and always seems to have her song stuck in their head.