These 20 tweets about BTS' Break The Silence premiere show appreciation for all the work BTS does fo...

ARMYs Are Emotional Over Everything That Happened In BTS' 'Break The Silence' Premiere


If you're looking for a new show to watch, I highly recommend BTS' new docuseries Break The Silence that premiered on Tuesday, May 12. The series offers a behind-the-scenes look into BTS' life while on the road for their Love Yourself and Speak Yourself tours. Since the ARMY has been waiting for the series' launch for weeks, they wasted no time watching the first episode as soon as it became available on Weverse. These 20 tweets about BTS' Break The Silence premiere show appreciation for all the work BTS does for their fans.

Following rumors a new BTS docuseries was in the works on March 10, fans finally got confirmation the show was happening on April 21 when Big Hit Entertainment announced Break The Silence. Fans were so excited to get another docuseries because BTS' previous two series, Burn The Stage and Bring The Soul, offered so much insight into BTS' rise to worldwide fame.

Although fans see snippets of the members' everyday lives through their Bangtan Bomb clips and VLIVEs, their documentaries go deeper into their life on tour as they show BTS preparing for their concerts around the world and include deep commentary from the boys themselves.

Break The Silence will have seven episodes in total and for the show's premiere, Weverse celebrated the occasion by giving fans the first two episodes at the same time. So much happened during the premiere, like V expressing his love for ARMY and sharing a clip of an unreleased song, BTS discussing their emotional 2018 MAMAs acceptance speech, Jimin and RM working on his first self-produced song "Promise," and the guys teasing each other backstage on tour.


Unsurprisingly, seeing the clips had fans in their feelings, since it reminded them of their own concert experiences, as well as the first time they saw BTS break down during their MAMAs speech.

ARMYs' tweets show they are so grateful for everything BTS does for them and they'll never take their hard work for granted.

Break The Silence is available to watch for $19.99 on Weverse. In case you're still on the fence about whether you should buy it, the trailer should be enough to convince you.

New episodes will premiere every Tuesday and Thursday, so the coming weeks will be very exciting (and emotional) for ARMYs.