The 'Burn The Stage' Movie Trailer Is Here & It Has BTS Fans Feeling So Many Emotions

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Twitter

Brace yourselves, BTS stans! The group's Burn The Stage movie trailer has arrived and it's going to make you feel all the BTS feels there are to feel. (Side note: Is "burn the stage" what BTS has stood for all along and I'm just now learning this?! Just kidding, it stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean, or “Beyond the Scene” in English) The trailer dropped late on Oct. 23 and already has over 1 million views and climbing, so yeah, safe to say their fanbase is a bit excited for this movie to come out.

The official poster for the Burn The Stage movie was debuted on BTS's Instagram on Oct. 12, and that built up fans' collective excitement as it is. Now that the trailer is here, though, their excitement is through the roof. The movie follows BTS members Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, RM, Jin, and J-Hope through their 2017 Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour and will feature the music from their hit album Wings, which dropped in Oct. 2016. Think of the movie as an expanded version of their YouTube series of the same name that premiered in March 2017.

Burn The Stage: The Movie is set to release on Nov. 15 in select theaters. You can check out the trailer here.

And here's the trailer with English subtitles.

First of all, lol at the "Did you see my bag?" moment at the end with J-Hope. I need that dog immediately. The trailer shows off everything fans can expect to see in the Burn The Stage movie: performances from the Wings tour, behind-the-scenes moments with the boys from the tour, interviews with the group and the individual members, and of course, the crowds of supportive fans.

Speaking of BTS fans, they are losing their sh*t over this trailer. Rightfully so.

The group has been having a moment for what feels like years now, and it doesn't look like their popularity is going to slow down anytime soon. The group is consistently at the top of the Billboard social chart (they're currently number one) and have even made a recent appearance at the United Nations on Sept. 24 to deliver a powerful speech about today's youth. Their Love Yourself: Tear album also gave them their first number one album on the Billboard 200 albums chart — the first K-pop album to ever do so. Casual.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Sept. 25, the group's leader, RM, said that the message they delivered at the U.N. is exactly what their albums are all about. "It's mainly about speaking yourself," he said, "instead of letting other people speak for you. 'Cause to truly love ourselves it's important to firstly know who I am, and you know, where I'm from, and what my name is, what my voice is, kinda like that."

BTS's Burn The Stage: The Movie will be out in select theaters nationwide starting Nov. 15, so get yourself ready for all of the BTS behind-the-scenes footage you've always dreamed of. Now, I'm going to leave you with one burning question: Did you. See. My bag?