A screenshot from the video of BTS' Jungkook crashing RM and J-Hope's crafting VLIVE.

Jungkook Crashed RM & J-Hope's Arts & Crafts VLIVE, Now I Have FOMO


Another week, another VLIVE from BTS. This time, RM and J-Hope went live for fans, and, because it wouldn't be a BTS livestream without a member crashing it, Jungkook made a surprise appearance in the middle of it. The video of BTS' Jungkook crashing RM and J-Hope's crafting VLIVE Is everything.

Due to their Map of the Soul world tour being postponed, BTS has been trying to keep connected with fans online through these virtual hangout sessions. So far, this month, RM, Jimin, Jin, and V have all gone live individually, and on Thursday, April 23, RM and J-Hope did a VLIVE together where they showed off their arts and crafts skills by decorating BTS' signature light stick.

Since BTS streamed their Bang Bang Con concert marathon on YouTube and Weverse just days before, it's likely the guys are in their concert head space, which inspired them to decorate their light sticks. Their stream, titled "We're not late today" (a reference to RM and Jimin's joint VLIVE where RM was late to the party), began with the guys offering some importance advice.

"Safety first, safety second," J-Hope said as soon as RM grabbed the glue gun. "The third most important is 'coolness'," RM added, referencing Jungkook's iconic line he once said years ago.

As the two started decorating their light sticks with stickers and painting them, Jungkook walked in to see what was going on. "I think you should've done this, Kookie," J-Hope told Jungkook, according to a fan translation by @btstranslation7.

Everyone knows Jungkook is a pro when it comes to art projects, so it's surprising he didn't join RM and J-Hope's arts and crafts session in the first place, and RM came up with a hilarious explanation for it. "If Jungkook did it, it wouldn't be over today," RM said, according to a translation by @looksontempests. "That’s why they told me to do this. To get it done fast."

Watch Jungkook crash the guys' stream below.

Jungkook said the reason why he didn't join was because he was busy boxing.

Shortly after ending their VLIVE, RM and J-Hope shared a selfie with their finished light sticks, meanwhile, Jungkook posted a video of himself boxing from earlier that day. Take a look at both below.

Now that RM and J-Hope decorated their light sticks, the ARMY will probably be inspired to do the same once BTS' tour is back on.