Jimin & RM Made Dalgona Coffee On VLIVE & Yes, It Was Chaotic AF


ARMY, you asked for it and it finally happened: Jimin went on VLIVE. The BTS member told fans he would do a livestream this week, and on April 14, he came through on his promise like usual. This time, Jimin invited a special guest: none other than BTS' brilliant leader, RM. For their live hangout sesh, the guys tried making dalgona coffee. Although the recipe is supposed to be easy, this video of BTS' Jimin and RM making dalgona coffee shows it was harder to achieve than the boys thought.

Jimin began his VLIVE (titled "Today's guest is?") by giving fans a few surprises. The last time fans saw Jimin he was blonde, so you can imagine how taken aback fans were when they realized he was rocking black hair.

According to a translation by @doyou_bangtan, Jimin said he dyed his hair a few days ago because he wanted a refreshing change. Apart from his new hair color, Jimin excited fans by announcing someone would be joining him for the stream. Initially, fans believed it would be V, since Jimin previously said he and V were planning a VLIVE together soon, but it turned out the guest was RM.

Fans were thrilled to get another Minimoni stream. Watch the guys introduce themselves below.

Jimin told fans RM was supposed to join him from the very beginning of the stream, but RM explained he was late because he had just come back from making aglio e olio and steak.

The guys announced they would be making dalgona coffee, which is basically mixing equal parts sugar, instant coffee, and hot water together into a tasty foam. It doesn't sound difficult, but it seemed Jimin and RM had trouble getting the right consistency because of how much mixing it required. To get into the coffee-making mood, they played their BTS song "Coffee," as well as instrumental music RM described as feeling "like Paris."

A fan made an edit of Jimin and RM making coffee and it pretty much summarizes how their VLIVE went: chaotic. The boys started out with all the hope in the world, but within ten minutes, they got super tired from mixing. Watch it below.

When Jimin realized he had to mix his dalgona mixture into his milk, he was perplexed. "Why did we do all that work, then?" he asked, voicing the same question every person in quarantine has asked after making the viral recipe themselves.

Jimin teased that he plans to do a mukbang VLIVE next, and he'll tell fans what he plans to eat so they can enjoy the same meal with him. Fans are hoping it'll happen soon, because his streams are always entertaining AF.