Dash and Lily from Netflix's 'Dash & Lily' sit across the table from each other in a NYC diner.

Use These 'Dash & Lily' Quotes For Your Cozy Holiday Instas At Home


While there are so many holiday rom-coms to watch this year, the one that's so worthy of a rewatch (or two) is Netflix's Dash & Lily. The adorable eight-episode series has everything you want to see in a Christmas story: New York City, romance, and festive Christmas tree sweaters. It's so adorable that these Dash & Lily quotes make the perfect captions for your holiday Instas.

Whether you're a Lily who loves all things holly and jolly, or a Dash who's a little skeptical of it all, these Dash & Lily quotes are super relatable. Plus, the show is filled with fun ideas on how to celebrate the festive season at home. DIY your very own Christmas tree sweater with tinsel garland and colorful pom poms, or try a slice of apple pie with cheddar cheese on top. If you're getting cozy for the holidays with your partner, plan a date night inspired by Dash & Lily, or simply rewatch the show again while wearing matching Christmas PJs. You can even throw on that outfit you've been too nervous to wear, and dance around your living room to a holiday playlist.

All these Dash & Lily-inspired moments are sweet memories to capture for the 'Gram. When you're ready to post your fave snaps, just use any of these 20 quotes from Dash & Lily as your caption. The only thing left to decide is what fun thing "do you dare" to do first.


1. "Imagine you’re in New York and it’s Christmas." — Lily

2. "Do you dare?" — Lily

3. "He hates Christmas!" — Lily

4. "Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on." — Dash reading Joni Mitchell's "River"

5. "Sometimes words aren't enough." — Lily

6. "You're surrounded by possibility." — Lily

7. "All she left was this boot." — Dash

8. "You're on the naughty list." — Macy's elf

9. "So, Mystery Boy, do you feel the holiday spirit?" — Lily

10. "Help me find my Cinderella." — Dash


11. "Start at the nutcracker house. You'll know it when you see it." — Lily

12. "We make our own magic." — Lily

13. "Just be nice to Santa, please?" — Boomer

14. "Consider yourself banned from Santaland for life." — Macy's elf

15. "I hope climate change destroys the North Pole." — Dash

16. "It's Christmas morning" — Lily

17. "Every year I wake up to find my entire family wearing matching pajamas." — Lily

18. "This is fate. This is the magic of Christmas." — Dash

19. "In front of a tree piled with presents." — Lily

20. "Merry Christmas you beautiful, angry New Yorker." — Dash