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These 'Dash & Lily'-Inspired Dates For The Holidays At Home Are So Cute

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Netflix has done it again by giving us an adorably festive series that's full of heart and teen romance. Dash & Lily is the perfect holiday watch, especially with the Dash to your Lily or the Lily to your Dash. The eight-episode series is a wonderful blend of holiday movie and romantic comedy that makes it the ideal inspiration for some Dash & Lily at-home date ideas for the holiday season.

While your usual date night at home may consist of Netflix and chilling on the couch with your partner who you've been quarantining with amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it's time to take a cue from those shows you're watching to get creative with your SO. After all, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that anytime you leave the safety of your home and come into contact with anyone who you are not quarantining with, you are putting yourself at risk of contracting the coronavirus. So cozy at-home dates with your quarantine partner is the safe and smart way to go rather than heading out.

Now, be prepared for a few *spoilers* ahead if you haven't finished the series just yet. A cozy night with hot cocoa and watching every episode should be date number one. Once you're done, you can try any of these other 10 Dash & Lily date ideas. Some of them might even bring you some much-needed holiday cheer.

Have your very own notebook dare game like Dash and Lily, or get your DIY on making some holiday sweaters to wear. Sing your favorite Christmas karaoke songs like "River" by Joni Mitchell. You could even have fun in the kitchen making your very own Christmas mochi. Whatever it is that you decide to do, it's sure to be just as cute as a holiday Netflix series.

Plan A Scavenger Hunt Using Books In Your Home

"Do you dare?" That's the question you must ask your partner before setting up a scavenger hunt in your home. This idea is inspired by the first episode of the series where Lily leaves clues all over the Strand Book Store for whomever to find.

Create a puzzle your partner must figure out by finding different books around your home. Leave little Post-It notes in each book that lead to the next clue, with a grand prize at the end, which could be their favorite holiday dessert or a stocking stuffer.

Get Delivery From All Your Fave Local Restaurants For A Living Room Picnic

This idea is inspired by the grand gesture Dash puts together for Lily in episode eight. Throughout the series, these two send each other on different dares that include pitstops at some of their favorite cafes and pretzel carts around NYC. At the end, Dash gathers food from all these places and has them sitting on a table to enjoy at the Strand.

Have dishes from all your favorite local bakeries and restaurants delivered to your home. Then, enjoy a living room picnic on a cozy fleece blanket.

Have A Dance Party Wearing Something You've Always Wanted To Wear

Get out of your comfort zone, and give yourself an excuse to dress up. Have an at-home dance party. Wear the one thing in your closet that you've always wanted to, but haven't had the opportunity to yet, like Lily's blue dress. You'll both look amazing, and be sure to dance like no one's watching.

Have A Karaoke Night With Christmas Songs

Karaoke is always a good idea. Get up and sing your heart out to some of your favorite holiday songs. If you want to truly be inspired by the show, add Joni Mitchell's "River" to the rotation and the Jonas Brothers' "Like It's Christmas."

Get Creative And Decorate Your Own Christmas Sweaters

Let's face it: Lily's Christmas tree sweater is amazing, and you wish you could have one for yourself. Now it's your turn to get your craft on, and make your very own Christmas sweater. Get tons of tinsel and battery-operated lights to sew onto a plain green or red crewneck. Then, take some cute couple selfies in your new 'fits, because they'll be totally lit and Insta-worthy.

Have A Two Boots-Inspired Pizza And Movie Night

Dash's best friend Boomer works at Two Boots in the series. Have your very own Two Boots-inspired pizza and movie night at home. Make your very own pies with your favorite toppings, and then, pick out a Christmas movie and cuddle the night away. If you live near Two Boots, by all means, order in for the night.

Get Your DIY On And Make Friendship Bracelets For Each Other

Friendship bracelets made a big comeback recently. Whether you use string or rubber bands, make some friendship bracelets for each other like Lily did for her classmates. You can either give them to each other right away, or wrap them up as stocking stuffer surprises for some friends for the holidays.

Have A Mochi And Muppet-Making Night

Two things Dash and Lily make in episode five on their dares are mochi and a DIY muppet. If you'd like to try to make both of these while watching this episode, now is your chance.

Have your own mochi and muppet night at home, trying some mochi recipes on YouTube and crafting with colorful felt. You could even find some holiday mochi ice cream flavors like egg nog and gingerbread to enjoy.

Decorate Your Home With Tons Of Christmas Lights To Admire

Lily sends Dash to Dyker Heights to check out the Christmas lights in episode four. It truly is a sight to see, and you might even be inspired to turn your own home into a winter wonderland.

For this date night idea, decorate your home for the holidays together. Put up as many lights as you can, so that you can admire them together, while drinking hot cocoa. Hey, why not cut up some paper snowflakes to add to the ceiling, too?

Challenge Each Other To Holiday Dares

Be your very own Dash and Lily, and dare each other all season long. Get a red notebook like theirs, and take turns challenging each other to holiday-themed dares. This is a fun way to keep having creative date nights all December long.

It can be something like baking cookies or reading a beloved Christmas tale. Whatever it is, you can leave cute love letters in the notebook to each other the whole time and add photos to each page, so it becomes a memory capsule.

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