Three happy best friends, wearing friendship bracelets, hang out outside at the festival.
TikTokers Are Making Friendship Bracelets & The Designs Will Make You Nostalgic AF


Tie-dye isn't the only nostalgic trend that's having a moment RN. People have also been posting friendship bracelet TikTok videos that show the beloved summer camp craft is making a hot comeback. That means it's time to break out your colorful string and beads to make your best friend something super cute they can sport this summer.

Growing up, wearing a friendship bracelet was the cool, stylish way to show off your love for your bestie. TBH, your BFF would have loved any bracelet you gave them, but now that you're an #adult, it's time to tackle a few of the more difficult knots and designs for a truly Insta-worthy gift.

Don't fret if it's been a while since you've tried making a bracelet, either. That's where these eight TikTok videos will come in handy. They'll help refresh your memory and may even inspire you to try new techniques. So pour yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade and stream your fave summer-themed movie. If your best friend is long-distance, put a friendship bracelet in the mail to them along with a sweet letter recounting your fave memories together. Whenever you're rocking your friendship bracelet, you'll feel close to your bestie no matter where they are in the world.

Don't Get It Twisted: Try This Loop Method

The most frustrating part of making a friendship bracelet is getting your string all tangled together. Don't get it twisted and try this loop method. Instead of spreading out your individual strings and trying to remember which color you need to knot next, group all your string together in one hand and continually make loops until you're done.

This Design Is Really Cool For A Thicker Bracelet

Try this weaving method if you want to end up with a thicker bracelet. When you finish, you can either cut off the extra ends or leave them longer for a cool tassel look. Don't forget to add your clear nail polish to the ends so they don't fray.

Channel Your Nostalgia With This Beaded Rubber Band Bracelet

If rubber band bracelets are totally your jam, check out this tutorial for a beaded rubber band bracelet. Get yourself a Rainbow Loom to make weaving the rubber bands together a lot easier. Mix together your best friend's favorite colors with your rubber band and bead choices. You can also mix in some alphabet beads to spell out "BFF" or "Besties."

Make Your Bracelet Adjustable

Tying your friendship bracelet around your wrist can be tricky. You don't want to accidentally tie it too tight or too loose. To avoid the stress of getting it right on the first try, just make your bracelet adjustable by following this easy tutorial.

Find A Tutorial That Provides Color Combo Inspo

Not only does TikTok provide helpful how-to's, but it's also a major source of inspiration. There are a few friendship bracelet videos that show different color combos, depending on the vibe you're going for. For example, this video covers six different string color combinations for summer-inspired bracelets, and this one has colors based on Taylor Swift albums.

This Fishtail Braid Bracelet Doesn't Require Knots

Are knots not really your thing? Don't fret, because this video shows how you can make a fishtail braid bracelet without any knots. Just like in this video, you can also catch up on your fave throwback TV shows like Hannah Montana while you braid.

This Beaded Bracelet Is Super Easy To Craft

A beaded bracelet might be more your bestie's style. Try this super easy tutorial that only requires stretch cording and colorful beads. Get some alphabet beads to put your initials on the bracelet or spell out each other's nicknames.

This Chevron Bracelet Tutorial Is Too Cool To Pass Up

This chevron friendship bracelet tutorial comes in two parts, so you'll need to watch both videos to complete it. When you're finished, check out the rest of user @basicbracelets's videos, because there are a ton of different tutorials you'll want to try all summer long.