Two best friends throw up peace signs on the beach, while wearing friendship bracelets.

36 Cute IG Captions For Friendship Bracelets & Rocking This Nostalgic Trend


Wearing friendship bracelets with your BFF is a stylish, sweet way to show the world how much you care about each other. It's no wonder why this nostalgic trend is having a moment. So, the next time you have a DIY date with your bestie, you'll want to snap pics of your creations and pair them with Instagram captions for friendship bracelets.

Growing up, you probably made a ton of friendship bracelets at summer camp. You'd pick out your bestie's favorite colors and weave together a cute pattern with the string. Sometimes, you added in a few beads here and there to give your BFF's bracelet something extra special.

Now, it's time to revisit this trend for some throwback fun. If you need a refresher, TikTok has cool instructional tutorials and videos with color combo suggestions that may inspire your next DIY project. You can even craft a rubber band bracelet with a rainbow loom, or a bead bracelet where you spell out your bestie's name with letters.

Recreate your summer camp days by chillin' in the backyard making friendship bracelets with your BFF. When you're done, celebrate with a quick photoshoot, rocking your fave '90s outfit. Post those pics ASAP with any of these 36 friendship bracelet captions so you can continue the summer camp feel with some delicious s'mores while retelling your camp memories.


1. "Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there." — Christy Evans

2. "One for me, and one for you. That's why we're such a powerful two."

3. "Only true BFFs have matching bracelets."

4. "You'll always be the "Be Fri" to my "st ends."

5. "Besties since summer camp."

6. "We make these bracelets look good."

7. "My life would knot be the same without you in it."

8. "Meant to bead best friends forever."

9. "Trying to recreate our summer camp days."

10. "Get you a bestie who remembers *all* your favorite colors."

11. "Why knot make some friendship bracelets?"

12. "We're just as charming as our bracelets."

13. "I'm over the loom that we're friends."

14. "Avoiding any responsibilities today, making friendship bracelets instead."

15. "Our friendship is that rad."

16. "I've got your hand, and you've got mine."

17. "Oh, you like my bracelet? Thanks, my bestie made it for me."

18. "The only thing tighter than this bracelet is our friendship."


19. "We're forever threaded together."

20. "I'm knot afraid with my best friend by my side."

21. "My bestie worked really hard on this bracelet, so you better leave a compliment."

22. "We plan on being friends forever and ever."

23. "Best friends are hard to find because the very best one is already mine."

24. "I literally can knot rn."

25. "Thanks to my bestie, I know I'm knot alone."

26. "Having a throwback kind of day."

27. "To bead or not to bead? Now that's a silly question."

28. "When in doubt, just bead it."

29. "Just let us bead, OK?"

30. "A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you."

31. "I had the best day with you today." — Taylor Swift, "The Best Day"

32. "Rewinding to summer camp."

33. "Homemade is always better."

34. "So glad I found a reason to break out all my DIY supplies."

35. "We do a thing called what we want, whenever we want."

36. "Tie this around your wrist and make a wish. When the string falls through, you know your wish will come true."