Lily shows off her Christmas tree sweater to Dash at the Christmas Eve party in 'Dash & Lily.'
11 'Dash & Lily' Gift Ideas That Are Just As Cute As The Series

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Out of all the new rom-coms, the one you're most excited to rewatch (if you haven't already) is Netflix's Dash & Lily. This eight-episode series is a perfectly sweet romance story to watch over the holidays and beyond. If you and your besties have been talking about it nonstop in your group chat, you might want to surprise them with some Dash & Lily gift ideas for the holidays.

You might not have noticed, but this show is filled to the brim with adorable gift ideas for everyone on your list. Your foodie bestie will enjoy getting their own pretzel-making kit or some holiday mochi to snack on while chilling at home. The DIY queen in your life will make the most of a craft box filled with muppet-making supplies or a friendship bracelet kit. You could even surprise your stylish BFF with her own red boots or a festive Christmas tree sweater to wear to their virtual holiday party.

There are gifts for every budget as well, so with these 11 gift ideas inspired by Dash & Lily just waiting for you to choose from, the only question that's left to be answered is, "Do you dare?"

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A Red Notebook Like Lily's

The notebook is what started it all. It's the most iconic prop from the series, so get the Dash to your Lily or the Lily to your Dash a red notebook of their own. They can use it to jot down their favorite holiday memories, best-kept secrets, or use it to send dares back and forth.

A Soft Pretzel Kit

Dash sends Lily a super salty pretzel called "Lot's Wife" in episode three. You can send your best friend a pretzel kit so they can make their own soft pretzels to enjoy at home. Although, unlike Dash, let them add as much salt as their heart desires.

Holiday-Flavored Mochi

In episode five, Lily sends Dash to make mochi. He struggles a bit at the beginning, but eventually makes mochi worthy of keeping. Give the gift of mochi to your friend, but minus the stress. Send some delicious holiday-flavored mochi like eggnog and peppermint for them to enjoy while rewatching the show.

A 'Dash & Lily' Mug

Any fan of the show will likely love receiving this Dash & Lily-inspired mug with cute drawings on it, like the "Do you dare?" notebook and Dash's mirror message to Lily. Pair this sweet mug with some coffee or a hot chocolate bomb. It'll be mugnificent.

A Treemendous Holiday Sweater

For a festive style queen, get them a holiday tree sweater just like the one Lily wears to the Christmas Eve party. They'll be totally ready for their holiday Zoom party. They can even post a Christmas #OOTD on the 'Gram with a funny tree pun caption, like "Feeling just pine."

A Craft Box To DIY Their Own Muppet

In episode five, while Dash is trying to make mochi, Lily is sent to The Break Room where she is asked to create whatever has been "occupying [her] mental space." She ends up making an adorable muppet that she keeps throughout the show.

Send your crafty BFF their very own Break Room kit. Fill it with some felt ($23, Arteza) and googly eyes ($2, Target) to make their own muppet or whatever their heart desires.

A Reusable Strand Tote Bag

Dash and Lily's journey begins at the Strand Book Store in NYC, so get your book-loving friend a Strand tote bag. Fill it with some of your favorite books you think they would enjoy. You could also include a few titles from Lily's book scavenger hunt, like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ($16, Target).

A Pair Of Red Boots For A Lily Moment

If you know your friend's shoe size, surprise them with some cute red boots like Lily's. This is perfect for any stylish friends who love posting #OOTD lewks and fashion transition TikToks.

Ornaments Of Their Favorite Food

In episode eight, Dash surprises Lily with a date at the Strand. He gets food from all their notebook dares to enjoy, but also decorates a Christmas tree with ornaments that pay homage to all those dares as well. Get your friend some holiday ornaments of their favorite food, like a slice of pizza.

A Friendship Bracelet Kit

Friendship bracelets are trending yet again, so get your DIY-loving friend a kit to make their own fashion accessories. Unlike Lily's, these friendship bracelets will be cherished forever. You could even get them a charm with their name on it that they can add to their finished bracelet ($14, Etsy).

A Holiday Mix

If you and your friends have decided to be budget-friendly this year, a great gift idea is to make a personalized Spotify playlist. Put together a Dash & Lily mix with songs from the series like Joni Mitchell's "River" and the Jonas Brother's "Like It's Christmas." Throw in some of your favorite holiday, love, and NYC songs that also pay homage to the show you both know and love.

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