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20 Backyard Birthday Ideas For Cancers That'll Help You Squeeze The Day

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Each year, your best friends ask you how you'd like to celebrate your birthday, Cancer. You probably suggest going out for an intimate dinner or sitting poolside and reading your favorite fashion magazines. Keeping it low-key is your jam, so any backyard birthday ideas for Cancers instantly speak to your soul. They spark your love for staying home, where you're typically surrounded by the people you care about, and your desire to put on the comfiest outfit in your closet to kick off your next lap around the sun.

Not to mention, these backyard birthday ideas are incredibly easy to put together and won't cause you much stress before the day of. They'll let you wake up that morning and decide what you want to do, or make the most of the s'mores sticks and hammock in your garage. If you want to spend your day with your feet up, sipping on drinks and playing with your dog in a kiddie pool, these ideas also factor that in.

They check off all the boxes under the category "The Most Ideal Day For A Cancer," and let you soak up the sun. They put all the most delicious meals and meaningful experiences on your schedule, too.

Have A Chill Brunch
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Starting your birthday off on the right foot may mean whipping up some waffles, bacon, and eggs, and having brunch with your roommates or significant other in your backyard. If you choose to do this, make it Instagram-worthy by putting menus in little picture frames and sitting on pillows situated around a table in the grass. Add string lights and flowers to your scene, too.

Take A Virtual Painting Class

You can have any experience virtually nowadays, which means you can take a painting class on your birthday without leaving your backyard. Schedule a time slot with one of your local paint bars that's offering online events, or go to Skillshare. You can participate in hundreds of art classes and learn tons of new techniques for two months for free.

Host A Relaxing Yoga Session

Trade your usual workout for a relaxing yoga session hosted by you on your birthday. Create a Zoom meeting and send the link to your BFFs so they can tune in and stretch with you. If you'd rather have someone else guide the class, cue up a video from Faith Hunter, Yoga with Adriene, or Alo Moves, and share your screen.

Relax In A Hammock With A Good Book

The hammock that may be tucked into a corner of your garage is begging to be part of your birthday celebration. Pull it out, attach it to a tree or a couple of sturdy poles, and grab a book you've been wanting to delve into for a day of true bliss. You'll adore exploring a different world while swinging in the breeze.

Try Out New Recipes On The Grill
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Whether you just purchased a new cookbook filled with vegan recipes, or you simply have some ideas for grill-friendly meals, take your birthday to create some summer-loving food. Try to expand your weekly menu by cooking with ingredients you've never tried before. It'll make your birthday feel so adventurous.

Hang Out In A Kiddie Pool

Make a splash on your birthday by setting up a kiddie pool in your backyard, like one from FUNBOY, and playing with your pup. Sip on a Lemon White Sangria mocktail while you're at it, which only requires fresh limes, oranges, and lemons, and two cans of lemon LaCroix to feel like you're on a tropical #vacay.

Whip Up A Ton Of Delicious Smoothies

Your birthday is prime time to get creative. If you have some frozen fruit laying around in your kitchen, bring it outside along with a blender and whip up a ton of smoothies. Taste-test each on Instagram Live if you'd like to be the center of attention for a minute.

Have A Self-Timer Photo Shoot

You likely love photo shoots when you're in the comfort of your home. Take your lens out from the bathroom with great lighting and into the sunshine. Put on your self-timer and a look that makes you feel super confident, and grab new content for the 'gram.

Enjoy An At-Home Wine Tasting
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Virtual wine tastings are a thing, and you'll want to participate in one for your birthday. To have some grape times, go to your favorite winery's website and see if they're offering these kind of events via Zoom. Or you can do a little of your own research on tasty wine and cheese pairings (like enjoying soft goat cheese with Big Cork Vineyard's 2019 Saignee Rosé).

Turn Your Car Into A Sweet Relaxation Spot

You've likely seen pictures of travel bloggers decking out the trunks of their cars with twinkly lights and blankets. But you may have never tried it for yourself — until now. Turn your car into a dreamy spot where you can write and listen to music.

Reflect In Your Favorite Journal

Do you have a journal you enjoy writing down your thoughts in? If so, spend time on your birthday reflecting on the past year and jotting down attainable goals for the next. Break them up into steps and set yourself up for success.

Decorate The Patio Of Your Dreams

If you've ever watched Bobby Berk completely redo homes on Queer Eye and gasped at the beautiful patios he's put together for the heroes, then you've likely thought, "Can I do that?" You can totally find stunning pieces on Etsy and West Elm to level up your backyard hangouts. Purchase them on your birthday as a gift to yourself.

Go On An Online Shopping Spree
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Online shopping is just as good — if not better — than going to the mall. The options you have for colorful swimsuits, cozy sweats, and comfortable jeans are endless. This year for your birthday, give yourself a chunk of change to spend on new clothes. Then, have a mini at-home fashion show when everything comes in.

Play On Your Nintendo Switch In The Shade

In your eyes, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and other games you have on your Nintendo Switch will never get old. You can play Super Mario Party and Mario Kart Deluxe 8 for hours. On your birthday, find a nice spot in the shade and give yourself time to make moves in your virtual worlds.

Give Yourself A Manicure

Manicures, pedicures, and facials? That's a recipe for the most self-loving birthday ever. Before you set up your very own spa in your backyard, make sure you have nail polish and cucumber water on hand.

Put Together Flower Bouquets For Your Friends

Caring for the people around you is just your style, no matter what day of the year it is. That's all well and good, and you should channel your heart by putting a few flower bouquets together for your friends. Passing on the good vibes will make your birthday that much sweeter.

Participate In A S'mores-Off
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S'mores are the snack of the summer, which means they may usually be a staple at your birthday parties. You might set up a fire pit in your backyard or go on a camping trip. This year, it would be particularly sweet to host a s'mores-off over Zoom, with the competition categories being presentation, creativity, and marshmallow ooziness.

Set Up An Outdoor Movie Theater

A projector? Check. A white sheet or a blank wall on the side of your house where you can show a movie? Check. That's all you need to set up an outdoor theater in your backyard and have a birthday you'll never forget. You may want to grab some popcorn and snacks, too, in case you get hungry during the watch party.

Sketch Inspiring Graphics On An iPad

In your friend group, you're the creative one. You may sketch cool designs on your iPad, including inspiring messages in neon colors that say, "Love yourself," or educate your friends and followers on how to be anti-racist. Tap into your artsy side and sketch more of these graphics on your birthday to create meaningful change in the world.

Stargaze With Someone You Love
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A Cancer, who has an imagination as big as the universe itself, needs to stargaze on their birthday. So, when the sun is about to set, spread out a towel in your backyard and get ready for constellation-spotting with someone you love.

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