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17 Tweets About Colton "Fighting" For Cassie That Show Fans Are Turned Off By His Persistence

ICYMI, last night's first part of The Bachelor season finale left viewers with a lot of questions, and even more mixed feelings. Colton broke up with the last two contestants standing after deciding he wants to go after Cassie, even though she already chose to leave the show. Colton said in the episode that he thought Cassie's hesitation came from still having two other contestants involved. So, he said goodbye to Hannah G. and Tayshia, in hopes of pursuing love with Cassie. While some Twitter users think his journey for love is sweet, these tweets about Colton fighting for Cassie show that a lot of other users think he's being, quite frankly, kind of ridiculous.

Cassie and Colton's chemistry started during the season premiere when Cassie showed up with a box of fake butterflies because she had "butterflies in her stomach." At the end of their meet-cute, after she walked away, Colton picked up one of the fake butterflies that fell on the ground and tucked it in his suit pocket. Throughout the season Cassie and Colton were caught on camera multiple times getting super ~cozy~ with each other. On their one-on-one date, the two looked head-over-heels for each other on a little private island in Thailand. There, Colton admitted he could go "all in" with Cassie.

At the end of last week's episode of The Bachelor, however, Cassie bowed out because she said she wasn't ready to make a commitment that large, and decided to leave the show. That resulted in the whole Colton jumping the fence and running around Portugal thing. So, needless to say, Colton and Cassie have been on quite the emotional roller coaster, but he's not giving up. In part one of the finale, he said, "I don’t know if I’m fighting for something that’s not possible. But I’m willing to do anything and everything because that’s how much I love Cassie." Of course, The Bachelor fans are torn about this determination to get Cassie back. Here are 17 tweets that show that a part of Bachelor Nation isn't exactly heart-eyes over Colton's decision.

Fans are over it.

I could totally see why fans are fed up with it. Colton had two other girls who loved him so much!

Loving the pop culture reference.

Granted, at the end of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Andie Anderson and Ben Barry end up together, but we don't know if the same can be said for Colton and Cassie — not yet anyway.


He right.

Some users just want justice.

She's just not that into you, man.

That's definitely possible.

Does Colton really want Cassie if she says yes just because she feels like she has to, not because she wants to?


But actually!

OK, but like is it?

Big yikes!

Snaps all around for this one.

Take a hint: Women can, in fact, resist a cute smile.


Isn't it better to be with someone who genuinely wants to be with you, not someone you have to convince?

OMG, this is too much.

I can't even.

Alright, that is totally unfair.

He didn't, and now, he might not end up with anyone.

Poor dude.

OK, yes, but like, he just wants love!

Another one.

Twitter users' biggest issue with Colton's decision to go after Cassie seems to be that she doesn't want him as much as he wants her, and he's not seeing it. And I get that frustration.

Same tho.

Yes, I feel bad for him, but also, he turned down two women who he was supposedly falling in love with for someone who bowed out. So, I'm a little torn here.

This fan is not having it.

Honestly, I don't blame her.

Here's hoping that's not the case.

That's definitely a valid point.


This fan is not happy.

So, clearly, Colton's decision to end things with Tayshia and Hannah G. hasn't exactly been well-received by all. But, in the end, he did an admirable thing in telling the final two contestants how he felt and how it wasn't fair to either of them for him to be with them if he was clearly in love with Cassie. Only time will tell if Colton and Cassie make it.

The Bachelor continues tonight at 8 P.M. ET on ABC.