Colton & Tayshia's Final Conversation On 'The Bachelor' Was Intensely Emotional

ABC/Josh Vertucci

Tayshia and Colton had a relationship filled with magical moments. from bungee jumping in Singapore to lighting lanterns in Thailand to skydiving in Tayshia's Southern California hometown. Over the course of their time together, the couple took many literal and figurative leaps of faith together. Colton seemed smitten, and even wondered if Tayshia wearing his football jersey with his name on it was a good sign of her taking his name in the future. So what happened, and why did Colton send Tayshia home?

Before Tayshia's hometown visit, Tayshia warned Colton that her dad Desmond would be a tough nut to crack. The only other partner Tayshia brought home to her family before was her ex-husband, and so she knew that her dad would take a while to warm up to Colton. She definitely wasn't wrong. When Colton asked for Tayshia's dad's blessing to marry his daughter, he did not react well at first. Desmond grilled Colton and said:

You say you’re falling in love with her, that’s a strong word. You seem like a smart man, so I’m sure you can pick the right words. Sometimes if somebody is falling back on the default word of saying ‘falling in love,’ that’s the wrong thing to be doing. You’re just creating a web.

But even after Desmond pushed Colton to make sure he really meant that he was falling in love with Tayshia, Colton confirmed that he was. Colton said that his feelings for Tayshia were strong, and Desmond gave him his blessing. Things seemed to be moving forward nicely for Colton and Tayshia after he met her family.

During their overnight date, Colton and Tayshia continued the magic of their relationship (and their penchant for going to very high heights) with a helicopter ride in Portugal. They enjoyed a candlelit dinner, where Tayshia opened up to Colton by revealing that her ex-husband cheated on her, and Colton promised that he would never hurt her like that, bringing them even closer. Their time in the Fantasy Suite was a bit more chaste than Tayshia would have hoped, but the next day Tayshia still said how much she loves him. Colton, however, couldn't return those feelings and said that he couldn't stop thinking about his other two relationships instead of Tayshia.

Even though Colton promised Tayshia's dad that he was falling in love with her and saw a future with her, it turns out that Colton saw more of a future with someone else. After his date with Cassie resulted in her leaving the show and Colton jumping the fence, he realized, he wanted to fight for Cassie. Colton told Tayshia that he couldn't love two people, and that his heart wanted Cassie. Tayshia asked for some private time with Colton and they went into a room without cameras to say their goodbyes. But it was clear what a rough goodbye it was, since the audience could still hear Tayshia's tears even behind closed doors.

Tayshia and Colton are over, but that doesn't mean it's the last fans will see of Tayshia. There's the possibility that she'll back to find a new love as the Bachelorette, or that she'll be on Bachelor in Paradise.

The Bachelor continues Tuesday at 8 P.M. ET on ABC.