Bachelor Nation Is Fully Shook After Watching Colton & Hannah G.'s Last Conversation

On The Bachelor this season, Colton has said multiple times that Hannah G. reminds him of home. And yet, Colton still made the decision to send her back to her home all alone. From the moment she received the First Impression rose, to when she rapped about her love for Colton in front of her whole family, Hannah G. seemed like a real frontrunner for Colton's heart. So, why did Colton send Hannah G. home? And what happened to her overnight date?

On the first night at the Bachelor mansion, Hannah G. made a lasting first impression with her limo entrance. She gifted Colton a pair of his favorite underwear: none at all, a joke based on an anecdote about his style choices (or lack thereof) on Bachelor in Paradise. Hannah G.'s sense of humor caught Colton's attention right away, as did her vulnerability. She was honest about how nervous she was to meet Colton, and that moment of confession ended up giving the couple a chance to connect and bond with an intimate breathing exercise. That intimacy continued throughout Hannah G.'s time on the show, making it clear that she and Colton had super-intense chemistry. They also shared a love for showers, although there was much more canoodling going on when Hannah G. joined Colton than when he spends time under a spray alone. But, their steamy shower time was just more evidence of a hot and heavy relationship. So what happened?

Even though Colton was smitten with Hannah G. from the beginning, she didn't even get the overnight date with Colton that she was promised. After Colton's date with Cassie went sour and he infamously jumped the fence, Colton did some soul-searching by himself in the Portugal countryside. He eventually decided that he would still go after Cassie, even though she said she wasn't sure about getting engaged. So when Colton decided that Cassie was definitely the one for him, he called off his date with Hannah G. completely. Hannah G. didn't take the news well (I mean, who would?) and pushed Colton to tell her what went wrong. He didn't have an answer and even said that Hannah G. still reminds him of home. But Colton was still dead set on letting Cassie know she was the one. Who knows what could have happened if Colton and Hannah G. did have their overnight (although I think fans can all guess based on how those showers during their one-on-one date went). But, Hannah G.'s Fantasy Suite experience will remain only a fantasy and nothing more.

Many fans in Bachelor Nation were convinced that Hannah G. would be the one to live happily ever after with Colton, and even thought that she was the obvious choice.

Even though it was clear to lots of fans that Hannah G. should win this season of The Bachelor, it was not so clear to Colton. Colton spent a lot of the season saying that he wanted to end up with someone who was ready for commitment, and Hannah G. could have been that person. But now there will always be the "what if" of Colton having had his overnight with Hannah G. But, there's always another chance for Hannah G.: She could end up being the next Bachelorette.

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