Colton Underwood Spent A Full Day Showering For 'The Bachelor' Promos, So Let That Sink In


There are certain things automatically make you think of The Bachelor: roses, gorgeously lit mansions, the phrase "the most dramatic night ever," and... showers? After only two episodes of this season, fans have noticed an odd pattern emerging in Colton Underwood's journey to find love: lots and lots of showering. Apparently, though, there's plenty more shower footage to come because Colton spent a whole day showering so they could fill this season with shots of him getting sudsy. You read that right. Colton spent an entire day literally just in the shower with cameras rolling. Honestly, in this chilly, winter weather, spending an entire day in a warm shower sounds really nice.

Colton appeared on the Almost Famous podcast with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti this week, where he pulled back the curtain on this behind-the-scenes secret. Colton said,

You know how many showers I took? You ready for this? This is a spoiler alert. We had a shower B-roll day. It was awesome.

It's typical for TV shows to film B-roll, which is extra footage to use in promos and to supplement the main shots of a TV show, but, usually that includes a variety of different action shots. In this case, the producers simply shot Colton showering for an entire day. That means there are literally hours and hours of video of Colton just chilling in a shower... with no shirt on.

Colton used to be an NFL player, and he's for sure got the body to show for it, so it makes sense that the producers wanted to highlight his body as much as possible. Of course, fans on Twitter have definitely noticed.

Some fans are even proponents of replacing most of the conversations on the show with Colton showering.

In fact, on Monday's episode, the very first shot was Colton taking a shower, before we even saw anything else. I guess the producers decided to jump right into the important stuff.

Even Colton himself acknowledged that he spends an awful lot of time in the shower this season. In anticipation of last week's episode, he tweeted his best guess as to what audiences might expect to see that night.

After spending an afternoon outside at the Camp Bachelor Jamboree, Colton probably needed a good shower. He definitely likes to keep clean, and hygiene is very important to him. He told Ben and Ashley, "I'm a hygiene guy, like brush your teeth, put some deodorant on, shower every once in a while." Hopefully the women this season like showering as much as he does. Colton said he doesn't need his potential partner to shower every day, but that she should "just smell decent."

So all of that steamy B-roll is there to show Colton's cleanliness, something that's important to him in his search for love. The peek at Colton's abs audiences are getting is just a fringe benefit. Not that anyone's complaining.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.