Colton Gave Out His First Impression Rose, So Here's What You Need To Know About Who Got It


While first impression roses are something to pay special attention to on The Bachelorette, the same honor on The Bachelor definitely isn't as important. While the past four Bachelorettes gave their first impression roses to the men they ultimately picked in the season finale, such a pattern has never existed on The Bachelor. We'll have to wait and see if new Bachelor Colton Underwood breaks precedence, but for now, who got Colton's first impression rose on The Bachelor? Alabama native Hannah G. received the rose for coming across as a refreshing presence to Colton.

Although Colton previously met three of his 30 contestants during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the women's arrivals on Season 23's premiere episode played as if everyone was on an even playing field. From dressing as a sloth to bringing a dog to the mansion, the women definitely weren't lacking in creativity for their grand entrances, but 23-year-old Hannah G. took a slightly riskier route during her introduction to Colton. Taking inspiration from the Bachelor in Paradise footage in which Colton admitted to rarely wearing underwear, Hannah presented him with a box containing his "favorite brand of underwear." The box was empty, and while the exchange probably would've prompted an awkwardly stilted "I love that" from last year's Arie Luyendyk Jr., Colton seemed to enjoy the joke.

ABC/Rick Rowell

While other ladies chose to address the elephant in the room right away and joke about Colton's virginity, Hannah's choice to focus on something that flew under the radar in a cloud of August heat paid off. During the two's one-on-one time, the content creator from Birmingham bonded with Colton over their nervousness. The former NFL star compared the sensation of being the Bachelor to having pre-football game jitters and showed Hannah the breathing method he uses to calm his nerves.

Hannah's honesty about her feelings, as well as the chemistry Colton felt with her, played a key part in his decision to give her the first impression rose. You don't have to do too much Bachelor research to realize that the men's first impression picks are often some of the most random decisions of the season, but Hannah is already a solid pick. So far, she hasn't stirred any trouble with the other women and even seemed bashful about receiving the rose, which is always endearing.

In case you need more info before committing to Hannah G. in a prime spot on your Bachelor bracket, her ABC cast bio reads:

This sweet Southern belle definitely isn't camera shy—she's both the photographer and model for her burgeoning social media business. Apart from planning the photo shoots for her next posts, Hannah enjoys being a foodie and glamping.

Well, given her social media background, it sounds like Hannah has a healthy, post-Bachelor future of Instagram ads ahead of her. It's too early to gauge what her winning of the first impression rose will bring her, but here's to hopefully learning more about her on a Bachelor date soon!

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 14, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.