Colton & Hannah G.'s Date On 'The Bachelor' Was Basically One Big Make-Out Session

ABC/Rick Rowell

First impression rose recipients on The Bachelor rarely amount to serious contenders, but on Week 6 of this season, first rose winner Hannah G. finally got another chance to stand out from the crowd. Limited to group dates before this week, the Alabama native found herself on her first one-on-one date with Colton Underwood in Vietnam, but Colton and Hannah G.'s date on The Bachelor took a steamy approach no one was expecting.

During her Night One entrance, content creator Hannah immediately caught Colton's eye when she alluded to a confession he made while on Bachelor in Paradise. After exiting from the limo, she said she brought a gift of Colton's favorite underwear brand, revealing that the box she carried was actually empty. The touch was a sneaky reference to the Paradise footage in which Colton admitted to rarely wearing underwear. It led into Colton feeling most comfortable with Hannah on the season's first night. She had to get through several group dates before snagging some private time with Colton, but based on how well they connected on Feb. 11's episode, the separation definitely made their hearts grow fonder of each other.

Thanks to the episode preview, fans knew that Hannah and Colton's date would take an intimate turn. We've seen our fair share of Colton indulging in hot showers, but for his date with Hannah, Bachelor Nation was promised half-naked makeouts in the shower. In a voiceover, Hannah teased, "I get lost in the moment with him and I can't control myself."

How's that V-card status, Colton?

While their day together would eventually give Hannah a platform to open up, her date with Colton first had its fair share of sensual moments. The two enjoyed an afternoon of self-care together at the spa, receiving facials and seaweed wraps together before Hannah gave Colton a massage that gave way to kissing and canoodling in a mud bath and shower. You go, girl!

After experiencing a fair amount of drama this season, Bachelor Nation viewers on Twitter were caught off guard by such intense and sometimes awkward sexual chemistry.

During the night (and clothed) portion of their date, Hannah confessed that opening up was not her "jam" because she always wanted to be strong for other people. She doesn't have memories of her parents telling her about their divorce because she shut out the painful experience. Images of when she realized she was no longer from a singular family stuck out more, but being the son of divorced parents, Colton was able to relate, and he encouraged her to open up more.

No surprise, but the Southern blonde earned herself another rose at the end of the date, as well as Colton's promise that she always had a shoulder to cry on with him. In a group setting, it's a little tricky for her sweet and quiet demeanor to shine, but her private moments with Colton prove that there's both a physical and mental connection there.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.