Fans On Twitter Are Campaigning For Hannah G. To Be The Bachelorette If She Doesn't Win


We're reaching the home stretch of this season of The Bachelor, but before Colton Underwood finds love, Bachelor Nation has bigger questions that need answers. Who is the franchise's next leading lady? It's anyone's game at this point, but after her sweet hometown date with Colton, will Hannah G. be the Bachelorette? Fans definitely don't mind the season's other Hannah from Alabama.

After snagging Colton's first impression rose on Night One, Hannah G. blended into Season 23's background among many blonde girls and Hannah B. seeming to take ownership of the state of Alabama in Bachelor Mansion. After staying quiet during the first few weeks of pageant queen drama and other shenanigans, Hannah G. finally had her time to shine on a steamy one-on-one date with Colton in Vietnam. The two's physical connection was always clear, but it wasn't until Hannah brought Colton back to her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, that fans caught a glimpse of her personality. Do I sense a Bachelorette in the making?

Painting a perfect picture of a day suited for a Southern belle, Hannah first took Colton to an etiquette class. The idea of taking gentlemanly bites of bread seemed to intimidate him, but Hannah's date definitely inspired visions of her shaping a crop of Bachelorette contestants to be the princes she desired. A good Bachelorette knows when to take subtle but certain charge of a situation, and Hannah wanting to prepare Colton for her family this way was definitely reminiscent of that.


While Hannah's family was understandably a little skeptical about her relationship with Colton, Hannah set forth in convincing them otherwise. The date emphasized that her parents have always had her under a protective "umbrella," but Hannah insisted to her friends and mother that Colton's inexperience didn't affect her feelings for him and that he was worthy of taking over these umbrella duties. I guess they definitely have more between them than just hot chemistry. Did Colton hold up an umbrella for her back in Vietnam?

We're still waiting for a major personality showcase from Hannah, but her sweet and simple hometown date has convinced enough fans that she's a strong pick for the next Bachelorette. Any of the four remaining women are strong contenders for the leading position, but as the least controversial of the group, Hananh G. might have a slight advantage.

Her fans are definitely making sure they're heard on Twitter. Assuming she isn't the one for Colton, plenty of America seem to want Hannah as the Bachelorette. If that's the case, get ready for plenty of umbrella puns on the Bachelorette season premiere.

Seeing as Hannah hasn't vocally expressed an interest in being Bachelorette and secret relationships haven't popped out of the woodwork, she would be a scot-free pick to lead the franchise. We'll have to wait and see if she's destined for a proposal from Colton, but ABC producers should totally keep her in mind if she ends up heartbroken.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.